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productofthemonth_may2015Long ago, in a galaxy far away, I was terrified to use liquid eye liner. One of my best friends has always been able to rock it (B – you deserve liquid eye liner royalty) and over the years, I have always watched her apply it in awe, thinking to myself – “Self – why can’t you do this? WHY?”

It wasn’t until the Sephora Fifty Shades of Grey Make Up For Ever box set came out in December, which coincidentally included the line’s famous liquid eye liner, that I decided to face my fears and step into the world of liquid liner.

And yes, I’ll admit, Taylor Swift also influenced my decision.

Because liquid eye liner doesn’t play nice with the bottom lids, this post includes my TWO go-to eye liners that I simply can’t live without.

One – Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner

IMG_9429 Product Details here

This eye liner goes on so easily and so nicely that even if you’re a liquid liner amateur (like myself) you will be able to apply this with ease. The high precision pen tip glides across your lid smoothly and if the winged look is what you’re after — it’s super achievable with this product.

Honestly, I will be replacing this liner again and again and again — it’s that good.

Two – Logona Pencil Liner

 Product Details here

This eye liner was gifted to me by the Queen of Eye Liner mentioned above and is sold locally at Sequoia – the store she manages. Visit the Dieppe location for all you local lovelies!

I cannot express HOW much I love this liner. When I wear the Make Up For Ever liquid liner on my top lid, I add this to my bottom lids to complete the look. If you want to smudge it, it smudges beautifully. If not, it goes on so nicely, it rarely needs any touch ups. On days where I’m not feeling the liquid eye liner look, I rock this on top and bottom lids.

The best part? This product is 100% natural.

I should note that BOTH of these products wash off easily without the need for eye makeup remover (I use my Pacifica Coconut Water Wipes and have no issue removing).

Seriously, your lids will thank you AND people will notice your beautiful eyes like never before.


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  1. Yeah girl!!! Thanks for the shoutout and glad you love the eyeliner (and I’ll have to try that liquid one- I’m in need of a new one!)

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