It’s All Fun Until the Cougars Eat the Tourists

As many of you know, I absolutely love snapping photos. If you follow me on Instagram (@crystal_catherine) or on Snapchat (Add me for daily stories – @crystalcrichard) you are very well aware of this.

I am totally one of those people that regularly looks back at my Insta feed or scrolls through my Photo Album on my phone (with all 1600+ photos I refuse to delete from over the years) — just to get lost in some of my favorite moments all over again.

Or let’s face it — remember what I had to eat last weekend. Because if you didn’t Insta it, did you really eat it?

My love of photos and snapping memories was the real inspiration behind my decision to launch my weekly Scenes from the Weekend series last summer. And guess what! It’s officially coming back in all its glory for Summer 2015 starting next weekend as we celebrate the May long weekend here in Canada.

BUT until its return, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from a weekend trip to our local Zoo this past weekend. It’s an annual Mother’s Day tradition for my mother and I to spend the day at the zoo and this year was absolute perfection.

The sun was out. The animals were frisky. And the cougars were trying to escape.

You know, the usual.

IMG_9290 Monkeying Around

IMG_9306 Taking a Dive

IMG_9357 Otter Cuteness

IMG_9310Snack Time
IMG_9326 Yaasssssssssss.

IMG_9331Modern Day Dinos.

Of course it’s always a good time at the zoo when the man-eating animals are trying to escape.

I recommend viewing in HD and sound on. For optimal cougar death threats enjoyment.

IMG_9346 Another year, another perfect tradition honoured.

What traditions, if any, do you and your mother have for Mother’s Day? Leave a note below AND if you’re local (or planning to visit our part of the East Coast this summer) may I recommend a trip to the Magnetic Hill Zoo?

I promise, the cougars don’t eat the tourists.


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