Guilty Pleasure of the Month


Last month, it was my latest Netflix obsession, Bloodline — this month, it’s my latest music obsession.

As many of you may know, one of my favorite bands is The Killers. Seeing them in concert for my second time last summer was honestly one of the highlights of my summer. They are incredible live. Obviously, when lead singer Brandon Flowers put out his own solo album this year, I was excited.

His newest single, Lonely Town, is all kinds of awesome. The tune has an eighties vibe with a hint of banjo that makes my heart sing every time.

And the video? Perfection.  If you’ve ever danced alone in your kitchen, apartment or home (I do it ALL the time) than you can understand why I immediately fell in love with this music video.

Just check it out for yourself! Share it with a friend! And have a solo dance or two or three!


PS: Apologies for the delay! This was suppose to go up yesterday but I was experiencing some technical difficulties! x

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure of the Month

  1. Sooo… I never listened to The Killers (can’t even name one of their tunes :/). BUT I loved the song you posted!!! May have to do a little more browsing of his tunes on YouTube! :)

    1. Oh I’m so glad you loved it!!! The Killers were super popular back in the OC days – that’s how I first discovered them. They were playing at the Bait Shop on a show, long before they were famous! One of my favourites by them that you may love is “Shot at the Night” or “Just Another Girl” both fun and dance worthy :)

      1. Yep… I’m really loving them. I let the YouTube play after the first song, and I’m hooked. Thanks for the tip! PS – I’ve finally gotten to a song I knew – “When You Were Young.”

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