The C List


Happy Friday!

It’s been an exciting week on the internet – apocalyptic volcanoes, Brother Orange takes America, and the first look at Fifty Shades Darker. It made the C List. Don’t worry.

After discovering the awesome that is Nashville (see what effect that trip had?) I’m looking forward to a weekend of Netflix binging, lots of creative writing, and plenty of Tumblr.

Until then, here are some of the links I’m loving this week.

1. 9 Reasons Your Girlfriends Are The Most Important People In Your Life (via Elite Daily) There is so much truth to this and I’m beyond lucky and blessed to have the girls I do in my life.

2. 21 Couples You Should Never Forget Existed (via Buzzfeed) Liv Tyler and Joaquin Phoenix – I was ALL about that in the 90’s after Inventing the Abbotts. Who is your favorite past-tense couple on the list?

3. Sea turtle photobombs swimmers in turtley awesome picture (via Mashable) My sea turtle loving heart thinks this is the greatest photobomb in history.

4. The newest Jurassic World trailer (via YouTube) Hold on to your butts – this movie is going to be amazing.

5. The first look at Fifty Shades Darker (via Access Hollywood) You guys, February 2017 needs to get here fast.

And that’s all from me. Have an ah-mazing weekend!


PS: Did you catch my first ever recipe of the month this week? You won’t want to miss this delicious smoothie!

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