Introducing: Product of the Month

productofthemonth_blogLast week, I launched the new series Product of the Month.

This week, I’m happy to launch the next monthly reoccurring post in the series: Product of the Month. 

Each month, I will feature a new product that I am MADLY in love with – whether it’s a new mascara or a lip gloss, I will sing its praise and hope to get at least a dozen of you hooked on it.

The power of social media, right?

Tonight, I am thrilled to tell you all about my infatuation with Pacifica’s Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes.

I have never been good at consistently washing my face before bed. Especially in my younger, university years. I know, I know. I’m one of those girls. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve finally embraced the reality that the key to looking young starts with great skin and not wearing your makeup to bed is key.

For years, I swore by Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple face wash. And yes, I liked it. And I even thought it did a good job of keeping my face blemish free. Or, at least it did three weeks out of the month, because, who’s complexion is perfect during that week of the month. Oh, and those stress spots (my much fancier word for pimple) – I mean, NO face wash sabotages those, right?

I simply just assumed spots were all a part of being a woman. No matter the age.

Upon discovering my beloved Philosophy was full of not-so-good chemicals – I switched to Neutrogena face wipes, but still experienced more of the same with my complexion. Ups and downs. Spots and no spots.

That was until I tried Pacifica’s Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes which came highly recommended by my holistic nutritionist bestie who sells them at her shop.

Over a month later, I’m happy to report I have not had ONE spot since. 

These wipes are magical. Because they’re coconut water wipes, I’m pretty much transported back to the beaches of Hawaii every time I use them. The smell is divine. And they do a pretty bang up job at removing even the most stubborn mascara. The first few times I used them, I did find that my skin stung a bit, but this experience diminished after only a few uses. Now, my skin looks forward to bedtime every night just so I can wash my face.

And best of all? They’re not filled with unhealthy, cancer causing chemicals. WIN.

Your skin will thank you. Trust me.


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    1. I get them from a local store (the one B manages!) but I know you can get them on Amazon as well as from their website! :) BUT if you know of any holistic stores – they may carry them! Whole Foods may even have them if they sell personal products?

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