The C List


It’s been an amazing week.

I’ve been waking up naturally at 6:30am every day, ready to conquer the world. I launched the first of four new monthly series on the blog. And Starbucks celebrated the Frappuccino’s 20th birthday with a limited edition, 5 DAY ONLY, Birthday Cake Frap.

11053589_10100579099487729_4527419510740646492_nYou have until March 30th to acquire one of these.

Take it from this girl – it’s worth every single calorie and every last lick of pink whip cream.

Conveniently, it’s also how I’m kicking off this week’s C List.

1. Starbucks Is Releasing A Birthday-Cake-Flavored Frappuccino In Honor Of The Drink Turning 20 (via Buzzfeed) If my photo didn’t convince you, this post will.

2. 5 Smoothies For Energy In The AM (via Refinery29) I swear by a homemade smoothie to jumpstart my day and while I haven’t tried these recipes, I must say, they do look amazing.

3. 22 People Who Are Furious About The “Pretty Little Liars” Big A Reveal (via Buzzfeed) Did you watch the Pretty Little Liars season finale? Are you one of these 22 people? If so, let’s be friends. Especially if you’re #6 – I feel you.

4. The Official Entourage Trailer (via YouTube) If I were to do a Top Five of fictional television characters, I need everyone to know that Ari Gold is on it.

And that’s it from me.

Have an amazing Friday.


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