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Fall2014_TheCList_HeaderGood Morning!

And happy, happy Friday!

As many of you may know thanks to my trail of social media bread crumbs, I was out of town for part of this week to attend my first ever East Coast Startup Week. I got to meet the coolest people, be inspired by some amazing talks, and spend a solid 48 hours adding must-do’s to my three and five year plan.

First to do: make a three and five year plan.

Of course last night, I met up with my most-favorite movie partners in crime to take in the first showing of Insurgent. 

My short, spoiler free review: It did not need to be in 3D. I’m really still not OK with the haircut they chose for Tris. But everything is OK because Four is hot.

And now, the C List. Shorter than usual, because holy busy week. 

1. The Paper Towns Trailer (via YouTube) I do love a John Green novel, and while I haven’t forgiven him for the two hours of snot sobbing that The Fault in Our Stars caused — I am excited about Paper Towns’ potential.

2. How to Vacation like Royalty on a Budget (via Levo League) Want to feel like Will and Kate on your next vacation? Here’s how.

3.  25 Things Girls are Actually Doing When They Go to the Bathroom (via Elite Daily) Because #7 “Making awful, regrettable Snapchat stories” is just far too accurate. As is #11.

Have a great weekend!


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