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Fall2014_TheCList_HeaderFriday – how lovely it is to see you.

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it incredibly hard to believe how fast time has been passing lately. I’m pretty sure Monday was only yesterday, so I don’t know where Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday got to.

That said, I kicked the week off more determined than ever to make time to edit my book. Yes, that book I wrote that I’ve mentioned on here once or twice before, but have never seemed to actually edit.

When my horoscopes aren’t telling me that I’m about to find true love in either my friend zone or on Tinder (way to cast a wide net universe) it’s telling me to finally follow my dreams and pursue my passion on the side. And who am I to ignore my horoscopes?

IMG_7526 appropriate

Needless to say, after squeezing in some late night editing jams this week, I’m looking forward to getting cozy in a coffee shop this weekend to spend some time with my favorite fictional characters.

Until then – here is this week’s C List to set your Friday off on the perfect note!

1. Cat. Turtle. An intense game of tag. (via Mashable) I love turtles and I love cats, naturally this made my entire week.

2. The Official San Andreas Trailer (via YouTube) I’m a natural disaster junkie, so I was shocked when I saw this trailer last week before Focus and realized I hadn’t even heard they were making a movie about the San Andreas fault line.  I am so pumped to see this movie when it hits theatres in May. No matter how terrible, cheesy or *hopefully* awesome it is.

3. Weasel Riding a Wood Pecker (and Meme) (via Buzzfeed) Last week it was llamas and dresses, this week it’s weasels riding wood peckers. The internet is a glorious creation.

4. Mumford and Sons – NEW ALBUM YOU GUYS (via Mumford and Sons) No explanation needed. Let’s all be excited together, because Mumford and Sons.

5. Beauty and the Beast’s Beast Revealed (via Refinery29) Any self-respecting book lover (like myself) lost their shit when they found out that Emma Watson was cast as Belle in Disney’s live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Curious who will play the Beast? The wait is over and while I’m unfamiliar with the actor, the more I look at him — he’s got serious beast potential.

Have a wonderful weekend friends and followers!


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