It’s OSCAR Sunday!!!

Happy Oscar Sunday friends, followers, and movie obsessed people like myself!

It’s one of the most magical days of the year and though I had initially spoken out about my slight disappointment in this year’s nominations, due to FOMO (fear of missing out), I have decided to live-blog tonight’s show anyway.

Why? Because it’s fun and you guys make it oh so worth it.

And! To sweeten tonight’s live-blogging, while also gauging how psychic I am – here are my predictions for the top awards.


bestmovie_oscarpickI think this is going to come down to either Birdman or Boyhood and I’m confident Birdman is going to take home the golden statue.


bestactor_oscarpickThis one is totally going to come down to Michael Keaton (Birdman) vs: Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) but I’m quite confident based on the award season thus far that Eddie Redmayne has it. While Bradley Cooper was A+ in American Sniper (and while I definitely cannot wait to see him in a suit on the red carpet) I don’t think this is his year. But hey – if it is. No complaints here.


bestactress_oscarpickJulianne Moore has this one in the bag. She has swept every award show this season and I’m confident tonight will play out exactly the same. But because I love surprises – if one of the other actresses wins, that would be totally awesome too. Like Rosamund Pike. Whose role in Gone Girl is by far my favorite performance of the year.


bestdirector_oscarpickThis one COULD be a curveball – the Best Director category never does seem to ever be a sure thing. That said, it seems Richard Linklater has this one for Boyhood, with Alejandro G. Inarritu following closely in behind for Birdman. 


So come back tonight at 7:00pm EST for all the live blogging fun AND if you’d like to fill out your own Oscar 2015 Ballot as I’ve done above – visit the NY Times Oscar Ballot to select all your predicted winners for tonight.

Happy Sunday! And see you on the Red Carpet!


PS: In case you missed it and in case you love it – check out my Fifty Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey, the official review from yesterday!

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