Fifty Shades: the Scenes I’m Most Excited to See on the Big Screen

FiftyShadesofGrey_allbloggedupThis entire week has been utterly surreal.

Truly,  I don’t know how my head hasn’t spun off into the orbits yet.

Everywhere I go, everything I see. Every social media timeline in front of me: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. Every television show’s commercial breaks.

Fifty Shades of Grey. EVERYWHERE. 

I mean, if my head is spinning – I don’t even want to begin to comprehend how E.L. James is feeling this week.

With only ONE more sleep to go, here is today’s Fifty Shades inspired post: the 5 Scenes I’m Most Excited to See in the Movie! 

1. Ana’s Graduation Gift


Some of my favorite photos from the Fifty Shades set in Vancouver, were from the shoot at Ana’s apartment when Christian surprises her with her graduation gift: the Audi. From the sneak peeks so far, Dakota nails it.

2. Georgia

tumblr_njkm0wh8Yr1tt7534o3_500tumblr_njkm0wh8Yr1tt7534o1_500When Christian shows up in Georgia to see Ana while she’s visiting her mother, what woman’s heart didn’t flutter. There is nothing hotter than a man going out of his way to see you, no matter how inconvenient. You know, like flying across the country.

3. Drunk Anastasia

tumblr_n97vac3dff1tgv7igo1_500Let’s face it – I’m totally going to whisper “No way Jose!” under my breath during this scene. Ana drunk dialling Christian in the book was one of my favorite comedic relief moments in the book and while I hear the movie has plenty of good laughs, I’m especially excited to see this entire scene play out – from her drunk call to throwing up in a bush while Christian comforts her.

4. the First Time

tumblr_nf0dlzABX41ti6phgo2_r2_500It’s been said – brace yourself ladies – the movie has a total of twenty minutes of sex. Take a moment to let that sink in. While I’m naturally excited to see each and every second of every minute played out – early reviews and fan feedback has promised the first time is the one we’re all going to really flail over.

5. the Elevator

tumblr_nj9t7g0N9f1u8wrc8o1_500Hands down, this is going to be one of those scenes where I literally can hardly contain my fangirl squeal and jump out of my chair. It’s easily one of the most featured scenes in trailers and promo and I think it’s because it’s the one we’re really all waiting for. Why? Because we cannot wait to hear Jamie, err, Christian breathe “Fuck the paperwork.” Also, who doesn’t want to be kissed like that in an elevator?


What scene are YOU most looking forward to seeing on the big screen? Let me know in the comments below AND come back tomorrow as I look back on five years of Fifty Shades.


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