Fifty Shades: the Filming Locations Tour

FiftyShadesofGrey_allbloggedupAs a die-hard Fifty Shades of Grey fan and a blogger and a fangirl, it would absolutely be against my religion NOT to do something Fifty Shades inspired on the blog this week ahead of Thursday night’s release.

I mean, this is a five-years in the making event for those of us who’ve been in the Fifty Shades world since it was, ahem, Twilight fan fiction.

As I mentioned on Friday’s the C List – this week, I’m doing 5 days of Fifty Shades and it’s going to roll out like this:

Monday: the Filming Locations Tour

Tuesday:  Favorite Quotes from the Book

Wednesday: the Scenes I’m Most Excited For in the Movie

Thursday: a Look Back – Fanfic to Big Screen

Friday: the Morning After – Thoughts, Reactions, and Flails

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And now…

Fifty Shades of Grey: the Filming Locations Tour

Last May, when visiting one of my best friends in Vancouver, I had the awesome opportunity to check out some of soon to be famous filming locations from Fifty Shades of Grey. Kate, determined to make this the best tour ever, was prepared with a detailed list of locations, addresses, and photos to guide us.

IMG_5254 this is dedication at its finest

Here are just a few of the memorable spots from our Van City Fifty Shades tour with my very own tips to enjoy some of them to their fullest.

Rainier Provisions 

RainierProvisions_FiftyShadesHow to Get There: 2 W Cordova in Gastown

Rainier Provisions served as the “Portland Coffee House” in the movie and is where Christian takes Ana for tea following his photoshoot with Jose at the Heathman. While I’m not a tea drinker, Kate highly recommended I try a London Fog which instantly became a staple, go-to drink for me that I still drink regularly to this day.

The Paper Hound Bookstore


How to Get There: 344 West Pender Street

The Paper Hound will appear in the movie as the bookstore where Christian purchased Ana’s first edition copy of Hardy’s Tess of d’Urbervilles.  While I tried to snag my own used copy, there weren’t any copies on hand that day but I DID manage to score (from the Banned Books cupboard) a copy of the Story of O.

Tip: If you’re looking for a souvenir, I snagged a Paper Hound tote that I absolutely love for $15.

Christian’s Apartment 



How to Get There: 838 W Hastings (the blue towers in the back)

The Jameson House was used as Christian’s apartment building Escala during the Vancouver shoot. While we didn’t go up to the building to check it out (I imagine we’d never get past doorman outside to see the lobby) we did have many views of it while out and about downtown.

The Peckinpah 


tumblr_nicobn6HrM1u791kqo5_500How to Get There:  2 Water Street, Gastown

While no scene is filmed within the Peckinpah itself, its exterior played a starring role in the scene following Ana and Christian’s tea in Portland when Christian saves Ana from being hit by a cyclist. It’s this moment where a startled, doe-eyed Ana first realizes she wants Christian to kiss her. Despite sticking around, I did not get rescued or catch a glimpse of any Christians.

Tip: We later went back for dinner and if southern BBQ is your thing, this place and their pulled pork sandwich is a must!

Ana’s Apartment 

AnasApartment_FiftyShades_1How to Get There: 120 Powell St.

This building was used to film exterior shots of Ana’s apartment building and more notably will be the backdrop when Christian surprises Ana with her graduation present: the Audi.


anasapartment_fiftyshades_2Needless to say, I got a wee bit excited to stand in the same spot my lock screen wall paper at the time was taken. Yes, my fangirl was showing.

the Elevator at the Fairmont

FairmontElevators_FiftyShadesHow to Get There: 900 West Georgia Street

What is it about elevators? While scenes for the movie were filmed on the 14th floor of the famous Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, it wouldn’t have been a Fifty Shades of Grey tour without riding the infamous elevators where the famous first kiss at the Heathman hotel went down.


Christian Grey did not, in fact, show up.

Tip: If you’re already on the elevator, why not head to the roof top and enjoy a drink or appetizer at the Roof Restaurant + Bar. Kate and I HIGHLY recommend their crispy fried elman’s pickles and one of their signature cocktails.

Bonus: the view is spectacular at sunset.

IMG_5812See? I told you.

Christian’s Grey’s Office

Bentall5_FiftyShades_3How to Get There: 550 Burrard Street

Lastly, where it all began, Grey Enterprise Holdings otherwise known as Christian Grey’s office where Ana and Christian first meet when she interviews him. On an ordinary day, this building is known as the Bentall 5 Tower in downtown Vancouver.

Bentall5_FiftyShades tumblr_nj7z9aKGep1ttegyuo1_500


Tip: If all this Christian Grey stalking has built up your hunger, head over to Bentall Tower’s Cactus Club. During patio season, there’s the perfect table for spotting some of the city’s handsome business men having after-work drinks.

What locations would you love to visit? Let me know in the comments below.

Come back tomorrow for more Christian and to find out what my favorite quotes from the book are!


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  1. I am looking forward to all of this weeks blog posts!!! It sure has been a long time coming… {ahem} I still remember dropping everything to read updated chapters as soon as they went live. Feels like forever ago at this point. Can’t believe this movie is made and I am going to be watching it in 3 short days. Jamie was so charmingly adorable and hilarious on Fallon tonight. I can’t get enough of the guy.

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