A Home is Where You Hang Your Kate Spade Bag

Recently inspired by the awesome folks at Compass to take part in their Starter Stories feature, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to offer a sneak peek inside my home. While many may not think of an apartment as a home in the traditional sense, it was really great to share the inside of my apartment with others while including tidbits of how I’d made it into my home.

Since leaving my childhood home at the age of 18 for university, I’ve had the pleasure of living in several cities, including Halifax, Nova Scotia for six years and Las Vegas, Nevada during a summer work program in the USA. In both cities, I had some amazing apartments that I will never forget and I’m fortunate that Halifax is just a short 2.5 hour drive away, because part of my heart will always belong there.

While all of these apartments were home, it wasn’t until my current apartment in my hometown that I really, truly began to feel like I’d created a place I could call home sweet home.

So without further ado, I’d like to share a look at my beautiful one bedroom apartment in the Saint Germaine.

One of the main features that drew me to my apartment was how open it was. It was absolutely perfect for entertaining. Whenever I have friends, family, or a hot date over, I can easily be cooking and mixing drinks in the kitchen while mingling with my guests wherever they’re sitting – the island, the sofas or the dinning table.


When I was apartment hunting, one of my key features I was looking for was stainless steel appliances (they may be impossible to keep fingerprint free but they look so fancy) and a hint of granite. I lucked out, because not only does my kitchen have stainless steel appliances but it features a beautiful granite island countertop.


It’s perfect for my little coffee bar where I keep an assortment of flavours of coffee, a few of my favorite mugs, and a milk/cream server for when company comes to visit.


In the living room, I have two extremely comfy sofas and one insanely cozy reading chair. Instead of having throw pillows that matched, I kind of love how each sofa or chair has its own theme: nautical, cabin on the lake, and reading owl.


The built in bookshelf quickly became a home for at least half of my dvd and blu-ray collection, as well as some of my older books on the top shelf. You may notice that my two framed pictures are both from a trip to California and taken in Hollywood – to compliment the movie theme of the shelf, of course. The bottom shelf was destined to become my liquor shelf and features my beautiful Gatsby-era champagne glasses gifted to me by one of my best friends for my 30th birthday last year.


In front of the sofa, you’ll find my coffee table – soon to be replaced with a DIY pallet table (stay tuned to my Instagram in the coming weeks if you’d like to see the final product!) It’s always home to the latest issue of Vogue or Elle, a coffee table book (this one is Tiffany Style), candles and fresh flowers.


Next, my beautiful high-top dinning room table was a housewarming gift from my parents and gets used on the regular for meals and work jams. I work from home often, so I enjoy switching it up and working from here on occasion. It is also frequently adorned with fresh flowers.


Of course, I can’t forget that my home is also home for a four-legged furry feline princess by the name of Bella. While she pretty much calls anywhere in the apartment hers, she has her own little corner dinning area to herself in the entrance featuring her water mug (because drinking from a bowl is for peasants), food bowl, and treat bowl – MEOW.


Moving towards the bathroom and bedroom, one of my favorite little features about the apartment when I moved in was the hallway cubby, meant for a chest of drawers and a mirror. The drawers are great for odds & ends, and the second mirror is always a hit on girl’s nights where there’s two or more of us trying to get pretty.


Then comes the bathroom which I’ve tried to add a beach-like feel to by keeping brown and blue colours and adding beach-inspired wall prints.


I’m addicted to bubble baths and try to sneak in at least 30-60 minutes a night in the tub to read a new book or re-read one of my favourites. I also keep the bathroom FULL of candles for bath time.


The bathroom counter is home to one of my favorite beachy accents in the bathroom: my mermaid that I found in a nautical-inspired shop on Prince Edward Island last summer on vacation. It’s also home to all of my beauty products, which I try to keep as organized as possible. On a good day, they look like this.


I keep the jewelry I wear the most on the counter in a vintage dish I picked up at a thrift store. The crystal vase containing my makeup brushes was also a thrift store find.


Moving into my favorite room in the apartment, the bedroom or as some may call it – the black and white room. Though it features some pops of colours (mostly from Tiffany boxes found throughout) I love the elegance of black and white with a Paris touch thrown in.


My desk is where all the magic happens. As a publicist, my job can entail long hours and working on the weekends. When I’m not in publicist mode, I’m blogging or editing my first manuscript. In short, I spend A LOT of time at my desk, so I try to keep it as clutter free but personal too.


It’s home to some of my favorite trinkets, including my Fortune Cat from New York City’s Chinatown, a mini Eiffel Tower resting upon a Tiffany box from my trip to Paris in September, and my personalized autographed copy of Fifty Shades of Grey: complete with my monogramed Tiffany bookmark.



I lucked out by grabbing my old white chest of drawers from my childhood bedroom, which matched the room’s theme perfectly. Though I have quite a large closet (not pictured) having a chest of drawers is great for sweaters, jeans, and lazy weekend wear.


I wanted to keep things neat and uncluttered on the top of the drawers, so I picked a few of my favorite knick knacks to personalize it. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a huge fan of decorating with shopping bags and boxes.


Lastly, I turned an old bookshelf into both a home for shoes and a decorative feature by using some of my favorite bags and boxes – Tiffany & Co., Kate Spade, Birks, Laduree, etc. – to add color to the black shelves and be found amongst two of my favorite pairs of shoes.


Because one can never have enough luck, another Chinese Fortune Cat from Vancouver’s Chinatown.


To add the final touch, three Audrey Hepburn prints that I purchased on 5th Avenue in NYC. There’s nothing more elegant than Audrey and they’re some of my favorite prints in the apartment.


While photos of my storage room are pointless (it’s a mess, I swear) – this post wouldn’t be complete with the final winning feature to my apartment – the balcony. Because it’s the dead of winter and we’ve had three snowstorms in the past week, I couldn’t exactly get a snapshot that would encompass how beautiful my balcony is in the summer, so I’m going to cheat and just show you one from last year!


As you can see, I’m a fan of pallet furniture and fell in love with my reading nook which was a new addition last summer. While I wouldn’t say I have a spectacular green thumb, I do manage to keep a few flowers and herbs alive over the summer months. Breakfasts on my balcony are a regular occurrence and on the hot and sunny summer days, you can usually find me working from the day bed.


Whether it’s a house, an apartment, or a hotel suite (I wish) that you call home – for me, a home is where you hang your Kate Spade bag. It’s where you make new memories with friends over good food and drinks. It’s where all your favorite things are found and where you’re always happy to return to.

Thank you for taking a little peek at my happy home.

And a huge thank you again to Compass for inviting me to participate in the Starter Stories series!


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  1. I’ve told you before, but I absolutely mean it, I adore your apartment. It’s so perfectly you that it just makes it that much more wonderful. You *should* be proud of your home :)

    And selfishly is it ok to *love* seeing the little trinkets from me all around? <3

    Finally, come sort out my decorating life, please?

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