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Fall2014_TheCList_HeaderDo you ever have those weeks where you’re just SO thankful to see Friday arrive?

That is me, this week, 100%.

Following what was an insanely busy, slightly stressful, freezing cold week which included news of Target leaving Canada (I’m am NOT ok) and a list of WTF Oscar nominations (spoiler alert: I won’t be live blogging them) – Friday, it’s absolutely WONDERFUL to see you.

As it will be my last weekend as a thirty year old (I turn 31 next Thursday) I’m looking forward to a weekend of R&R, some time to blog, some time to read, and I’m even looking forward to some time to clean my apartment.

After an epic girl’s weekend last week – an epic me weekend is in store for this weekend.

But first – here’s a look at this week’s must read, watch, click links on the C List.

1. Introducing iZombie – your new favorite TV show in 2015 (via HitFix) I love zombies. I love Rob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars. I also really love Robert Buckley (who can forget Lipstick Jungle?) So naturally, I’m going to LOVE this witty new show premiering on March 17th.

2. A Doctor Used Lego Bricks To Build A Tortoise An Awesome Wheelchair (via Buzzfeed) Your feel good story of the week.

3. The Latest Fifty Shades Trailer (via YouTube) This one may honestly be my favorite one yet. This movie is going to be the honest death of me. I mean look:

tumblr_ni0ym109gM1tmufrno1_5004. The New House of Cards Season 3 Trailer (via YouTube) Speaking of trailers… I have never watched an episode of House of Cards in my life yet after seeing the trailer for season 3 during the Golden Globes on Sunday, I think I MAY need to binge watch it this winter. Let’s dance Netflix.

5. If Hunger Games characters had Tinder profiles (via Buzzfeed) Guaranteed laughs. I promise.

Happy Friday folks! And let me know what links you’re loving this week!


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