Psst: Golden Globes?


Hey you!

Come back on Sunday night because I will be following tradition and live-blogging the Golden Globe Awards for my third year in a row.

I debated on taking a break this year. To be honest, other than Rosamund Pike for Best Actress (and any other Gone Girl noms) there weren’t a ton of movies this year on the award circuit that did it for me. That said, I do enjoy blogging about the red carpet, the awkward speeches, Tina and Amy, and of course – the presenters. Which happen to include a certain Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson this year.

For those of you who don’t speak Fifty Shades – that’s Mr. Christian Grey and Miss. Anastasia Steele.

So come back on Sunday – Red Carpet starts @ 7:00pm AST / 6:00pm EST and the show starts @ 9:00pm AST / 8:00pm EST. Don’t have cable? I promise. My track record from previous year’s has proven you can keep up in real-time with me. I don’t even allow myself pee breaks.



See you on Sunday!


ps: Know a friend or two that’s a movie buff and love’s the awards? Let them know too! Sharing is caring! 

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