Happy New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve never been very good at them.

But as I lay here in bed, my head a bit fuzzy from far too much champagne – I want to welcome 2015 with open arms. While 2014 was epic – #thisis30 – I have a sneaking suspicion that 2015 will be even greater.

When someone recently asked me what was on my agenda for 2015 – I answered about as truthful and bluntly as possible.

Continue to be awesome and do awesome things. 

I didn’t have to give it much thought and I certainly didn’t have to put it into the right words. It’s that simple.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 1.10.17 PMBut just for good measure (and because resolutions are easily broken) here are 10 things I plan to do in 2015.

1. Blog more. I am amazed at how many new followers emerged this year. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for the blog. I even plan to incorporate a blog calendar – just so I can be extra organized and bring you all great posts!

2. Be open to new booksI consider myself picky when it comes to choosing a new book. And I am very quick to pass on a book without a good love story. This year, I’m going to add some new titles and new genres to my book piles.

3. Say no more often. Life is busy and I have a hard time saying no to things for fear I’ll hurt someone’s feelings or miss out on something awesome. But the truth is, there are many times where saying no really won’t hurt anyone. In fact, you’ll be happy you said no and chose to do something you really, truly wanted to do instead.

4. Say yes more often. To my last point, I really could stand to say yes more often to spontaneous moments and opportunities. If it seems ridiculous or crazy, saying yes may open a door you never could have never imagined.

5. Be more Parisian. One of my best friends bought me “How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are” for Christmas and it inspired this post. With so many lessons to live by, this book is a gem. And I will continue to eat four cheese pizza but put stevia in my coffee. Merci, beaucoup! 

6. Drink more expensive champagne. We’re often quick to buy a nice bottle of wine or scotch but how often do we buy a nice bottle of champagne? Excluding New Years and celebrations of course. This year, I plan to buy more expensive champagne just because.

7. Travel to at least 5 states. By air, by land, by sea. Travel more. With trips planned to Nashville and Miami, why not add three more states to my wish list this year?

8. Finish editing my book. Every year, this has been a resolution. A resolution I’ve broken. This year, it’s now a to do. And it’s going to get ta done!

9. Get back to New York City. I miss it. In 2015, let’s reunite.

10.  Run a 10K. Last year, I made a pact to run my first 5K and I did. Twice. This is the year I do my first 10K.

What do YOU have on your to do list for 2015?

Happy New Year everyone. Make it awesome.


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