On the 10th Day of a Tiffany Blue Christmas

tumblr_majy4ypry11r2uon8o1_500You may be wondering – what happened to the 9th Day of a Tiffany Blue Christmas?

Well, on the 8th Day of a Tiffany Blue Christmas, this little blogger came down with a horrible runny nose and stuffed up head. Three days before Christmas Eve. Basically, this holiday junkie’s worst nightmare. Naturally, by the 9th Day of Christmas, I was thankful I’d deemed it Snap a Holiday Selfie because that required very little in a post and really could just be done on Instagram. As it was.

Today, on the 9th Day of a Tiffany Blue Christmas, I want to know: Fake or Real – Show me your Christmas Tree! 

photo-8While I have a fake tree at my apartment, I am happy to report that our family tree at my parent’s house is in fact REAL! And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Truly. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a real Christmas tree.

So! Tell me! Is your tree fake or real?

Remember! Tomorrow on Christmas Eve, show you me your Christmas Eve outfit in Instagram!

Only two more sleeps till Santa you guys!


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