On the 7th Day of a Tiffany Blue Christmas

tumblr_majy4ypry11r2uon8o1_500Today’s 12 Days of a Tiffany Blue Christmas prompt is less of a “do this now! do this today!” but more of a challenge to everyone to do something nice for someone else during the 12 days of Christmas.

Donate a non-perishable food item to your local food bank. Bring in some much needed supplies to an animal shelter in your area. Make a small donation to a Salvation Army representative at your mall.

Every little bit helps and helps give another (human or animal) a better Christmas. 

Keep an eye on Instagram – I’ll be making my donation over the next few days and sharing with you all! AND if you’re able to do the same (and snap a pic) I’d love to see it!

Happy Saturday everyone! And come back tomorrow to find out what my favorite wrapping paper is this year!


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