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Fall2014_TheCList_HeaderGood Morning!

All my life, I’ve been a huge fan of seizing the moment. Carpe diem.

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And sure, we live in a busy world where many of us need to learn how to say no more often (I’m guilty of being a pushover, myself) but when it comes to adventures and truly seizing the moment, I’m a firm believer that one should always say yes. 

Like when your boyfriend says – “Wanna go to Montreal?” you say YES!

Or should I say, oui! 

Which is why minutes after I hit publish on this, I am on the road to Montreal and seeing as this will be my first time visiting Montreal (I know, I know) I’m absolutely thrilled. Even if it means I’m going to be spending 20 hours in the car this weekend – the company is wonderful, so I can’t complain!

But before I embark on yet another exciting adventure (seriously, #thisis30 continues to amaze me) here is this week’s C List delivered straight to you!

1. Guinea Pig and Pit Bull Play Peakaboo (via Mashable) As many of you may know or may have seen on Facebook or Twitter, it is now my life’s mission to get a guinea pig (or two) in the next couple of months. This video basically made my entire day.

2. The Official ‘Still Alice’ Trailer (via The Hollywood Reporter) Fan of the book or not, this movie (with an all-star cast) will be sure to wow you and reduce you to tears in 2015. Some of my friends lucky enough to have caught early viewings agree – it’s a must.

3. Aaron Paul Surprises His Wife on Her Birthday (via Jimmy Kimmel YouTube) They may honestly be the cutest couple in the history of cute couples.

4. Gabe the Sheep in a Christmas Sweater (via Buzzfeed) Because there is nothing that warms the heart like a sheep in a Christmas sweater.

5. All About that Paste (via YouTube) Hummus lovers unite. This video is everything.

Have an awesome weekend folks. And stay tuned to my Instagram for all things pretty Montreal at Christmas.


ps: Make sure to come back TOMORROW (Saturday) when I reveal some VERY Exciting holiday news! Sure, I’ll be in Montreal but all the cool kids will be here checking out this year’s 12 Days of Christmas festivities!

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