The C List – Mockingjay Edition

Fall2014_TheCList_HeaderGood Morning and Happy Friday!

As many of you already know – based on my social feeds alone – last night was the opening night of Mockingjay.


tumblr_nfd1qaRAFM1tnzkfwo8_500Without giving too much away (there’s another post for another time) – I LOVED this movie and believe me when I say that it will absolutely gut you.

As one of my favorite authors put it “I mean let’s be real mockingjay made the hunger games look like a happy rainbow ABCFamily made-for-TV holiday movie.”

This movie was so dark and so raw and so utterly perfect that I actually think I loved it way more than I loved the book. Which is a pretty tough thing to do these days, however, not impossible as I’ve said this all along with the Hunger Games trilogy. Where Twilight failed to ever be better than the books – Hunger Games has been steadily on par with the books and in this case, knocking this one out of the park.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Oh and of course – go see it this weekend.

Just do it.

For Peeta.

tumblr_ne7vqnTpvk1to7vrxo3_500By they, he means all of you. Obviously.

And now – here is this week’s The C List.

1. Tiny Hamsters Thanksgiving (via Refinery29) These videos are my life.

2. Frozen versus Breaking Bad Parody (via YouTube) I will never sing Do You Want to Build a Snowman the same again. Do you want to build a meth lab???? 

3. First Fifty Shades of Grey TV Spot (via YouTube) Brace yourself. He puts that grey tie to good use in this 30 second teaser.

And that’s it for this week. Short and sweet.

BUT I do want to take a quick second to wish my beautiful mother a very, very Happy Birthday! She may not know it, but this is one of my favorite candid photos of her taken in coastal Maine a year ago while she was watching the swallows soaring through the air.


Wishing you a wonderful birthday Mom with many, many more to come! xo

And to all of you – have an amazing weekend!


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