The C List – Fifty Shades of Nope


If you’re like me,  you probably didn’t sleep a wink last night because you could not stop flailing about the latest Fifty Shades of Grey trailer that premiered during last night’s Scandal.

Or, you slept like a rock because you were having sweet, sweet Christian Grey dreams and are now angry you’re awake and facing the day: even though it’s Friday. Who needs reality?

Either way – this happened last night:


And we all collectively died, were revived, and then died again. I mean….

I want to get into how much I absolutely, irrevocably, loved the newest trailer. But to be perfectly honest, I’m still trying to recover from it less than 12 hours later. Because, in true Fifty Shades tradition, I had expectations and then those expectations were shot to space. They are currently orbiting that comet everyone is talking about, along with all ability to wait until February to see this movie.

As my movie-partner-in-crime Mel pointed out moments after it aired – “How on earth are you going to process that for a blog post?! I can barely think straight. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a movie since Titanic.”

Mel is right.

Which is why at some point this weekend, I’ll be doing a similar style post to the last trailer post I did – breaking this utterly perfect trailer up into parts and commenting on each.

Because who doesn’t want to see this in gif form over and over?


In the meantime, take a breather, gain your composure back and here is this week’s The C List.

1. The obvious – 50 Shades of Grey newest trailer (via Check out the beautifully sexy, Tumblr integrated site for the movie. I am so in love with it. Kudos to their marketing team – can we all be friends?

2. Escobar: Paradise Lost trailer (via I didn’t even know that this movie existed until last night (thank you Katherine!) Staring Benicio Del Toro as Pablo Escobar (that casting deserves an Oscar alone) and Josh Hutcherson (PEETA!) – this movie has all the makings of the perfect paradise with drugs movie.

3. Instagram App Update (via Refinery29) This news made my whole week. Typing too quickly? Autocorrect fail you? With the latest Instagram update, you can now edit your posts. Never be embarrassed for questionable posts or horrible grammar again.

4. Bad Kitty Roommate (via Mashable) This video had me laughing for hours. I’ve since rewatched it at least a dozen times. If you like kittens and crude humor – this one’s for you.

5. Chubby Hamsters in Slow Motion (via Youtube) Best friends are the people who bring you only the best of the best internet videos. This one is no exception. Thanks B!

And that’s it folks – one must now go watch the Fifty Shades trailer another 100 times get actual work done.

Happy Friday!


PS: Speaking of all things hot – did you catch my spoiler free review of Dirty Rowdy Thing this week? If not, you can catch it here!  Make sure to leave a note and tell me what you thought of the book! 

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