The Book Pile: Dirty Rowdy Thing

This post is 100% spoiler free. It’s also 100% spoiler free for Sweet Filthy Boy – JUST in case! 

Let me just start by saying – I never in my life thought that I could love absolutely everything an author created.

I mean, based on the law of physics, evolution, darwinism, theory of everything – it’s impossible for someone to actually love every book an author as ever written. Right? Right? 

With Christina Lauren – the answer is simply this: they defy the laws of gravity and all of the above.

I honestly think it’s impossible for them to write ANYTHING short of perfection. And maybe that’s because there’s two of them behind the Christina Lauren best-selling name, but whatever it is – it works and I never want it to stop.

Bring up any man they’ve ever written and I’m immediately a puddle of flail.


Dirty Rowdy Thing is the second book in their Wild Seasons series. You may remember me flailing about Sweet Filthy Boy earlier this summer. Heads up: you will want to read Sweet Filthy Boy first, just so you have the whole back story.

In similar fashion to their other wildly popular book series – the Beautiful Bastard series (Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player) – Dirty Rowdy Thing includes Ansel and Mia, the two lovers from Sweet Filthy Boy (as well as the others) but it’s now Finn and Harlow’s turn to take the spotlight in this book.

For my fellow Canadians, you’re going to love this one.

Finn Roberts is described as “a ridiculously hot and rugged Canadian fisherman, who (no surprise) is amazing with his muscular hands – and his lips and the rest of his body.”

Harlow Vega,  is a beautiful California girl and daughter of Hollywood parents who is always up for a fling but not exactly looking for love – especially with Finn.

Without getting into the plot (I like to keep this a spoiler free zone) after going their separate ways after a wild night in Vegas  (read Sweet Filthy Boy to find out just what went down), life brings Finn to San Diego and back into the arms of Harlow. For them, it was always about the hot sex and not the unparalleled chemistry and cosmic pull à la Ansel and Mia, but when their worlds are rocked with unexpected stormy seas (see what I did there?) the two of them start to discover that beyond really great sex (and I mean really great sex) they may be the rock neither one of them thought they needed.


Top 3 Reasons To Read Dirty Rowdy Thing:

1. Finn. Here’s the thing: Christina Lauren write amazing life ruiners men. With each book, I think they can’t possibly come up with another absolutely perfect male lead and yet they do. Finn is no exception.

And 100+ points for making him a fisherman from Vancouver. #westcoastbestcoast

2. Finn and Harlow’s Chemistry. The first thing people have asked me – “Is it better than Sweet Filthy Boy?” I’m probably the worst person to ask. I loved Sweet Filthy Boy the first time I read it. And then I re-read it again under two very perfect circumstances: on a plane to Paris and after spending the most perfect 10 days with a tall, dark and handsome half-Canadian, half-French man with serious Ansel qualities before even leaving for Paris.

IMG_1282 that was real life

So yeah – Sweet Filthy Boy hits my sweet spot. Every time. That said, Finn and Harlow’s story is so many levels of perfect and is a very, very, very close second behind Sweet Filthy Boy. Also – I could seriously relate to Harlow in ways I couldn’t with Mia and she reminded me a lot of myself. Harlow is my homegirl and it made me love her and Finn’s story that much more.

3. Kinky Fun. Ok. You know me. I’m like the biggest Fifty Shades of Grey ambassador, fangirl, obsessed person there is, but what I absolutely love about Christina Lauren’s books is that the kinky fun is always just that: fun. Where Fifty Shades of Grey crosses into BDSM territory, all of Christina Lauren’s books have great really sex that’s anything but vanilla, yet is still in the land of – ‘yeah – I’d try that this weekend.’


100+ points for keeping it HOT and real.

And now this is where I tell you to go read Dirty Rowdy Thing – that is if you’ve already read Sweet Filthy Boy. If not, then haul thee ass to your nearest bookstore or hop onto Amazon and order these two books pronto. Then read them and come back here or tweet me how much you loved them both!

I can’t wait to hear which one is your fave!

x C x


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