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Fall2014_TheCList_HeaderFriday, you sexy thing you!

I’m not by any means one of those people who lives for the weekend, but for a million reasons this week, Friday couldn’t seem to get here fast enough. And now it’s here and I’m going to hold on to it and sip lattes at Second Cup while I work, quite literally counting the hours till the weekend starts.

Between date night tonight and a road trip to H&P’s Lake House in Saint John on Saturday (followed by an evening with some of my favorite girls) it’s going to be the perfect weekend consisting of good food, good drinks, and great friends.

But until then, here is this week’s C List!

1. FIFTY SHADES OF GREY NEW TRAILER SNEAK PEEK (via YouTube) Sorry. I got a bit excited there. Do you see what this movie / book series / fictional character does to me? We found out on Thursday that next week, we get the second Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. And then they gave us a 15 second clip. Which consisted of none other than Beyonce’s “Haunted” which was rumoured to be in the first trailer (instead we got Beyonce’s ridiculously awesome slowed down cover of “Crazy in Love.”) Personally, I LOVE “Haunted” and have been depressed about the fact it didn’t make it into a trailer. Until now…. My inner goddess fangirl is flailing you guys.

2. 9 Ways to Wake up Earlier (via Levo League) I am forever jealous of people who can wake up happily before 8am. I just can’t do it. I mean 7am to 8am is this grey area where if I know I can have coffee the minute I get out of bed, I’ll survive, but anything before 7am is just not physically possible (without a murderous, cranky Crystal for the rest of the day.) This article had some great tips that I may just need to try!

3. Baby Sea Otter Learns to Swim (via Mashable) Friday dose of cute. You’re welcome.

4. This Bat Hospital Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity (via Buzzfeed) BABY BATS IN BLANKETS. Again, you’re welcome.

5. Ghostbusters (and Mean Girls) Cast Reunited (via Buzzfeed) You may not know this but I am a HUGE Ghostbusters fan, so naturally, while my heart aches to not see Harold Ramis in the Ghostbusters reunion photo, it’s definitely exploding to see the others.

Have an amazing weekend!

x C x

PS: A huge thank you to everyone who liked, shared, tweeted, commented on my This is Halloween post! Traffic doesn’t lie and the response from that post was incredible – apparently introducing a boyfriend is good for blogging *blushes*  xx 

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