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Fall2014_TheCList_HeaderVery rarely does the C List publish after 5:00pm on a Friday, but there’s a first for everything.

After a particularly crazy, stupid, busy four-day week at the office (thank you Thanksgiving), when the opportunity to indulge in some Pinot Noir and great conversations on Thursday night presented itself – the choice was simple. Wine and great conversations.

But, dedicated as ever, after a productive day working remotely, here I am bringing you my favorite links from this week for all of you to enjoy before taking in the opening night viewing of The Best of Me. Which, if I might add, was featured on the very first C List.

Time – how she flies!


I mean, this movie just has ANGST written all over it. So naturally I’m going to love it. And cry a river. Or two.

Friends joining me have been warned.

So while I’m off flailing, crying and cursing Nicholas Sparks – here is this week’s C List:

1. The Newest Dear Kitten ( via the Animal Rescue Site ) I could watch these videos ALL day long. So have fun with this.

2. 43 Reasons Studying Abroad In Paris Destroys You For Life ( via Buzzfeed ) Don’t let this title fool you. It really should be called, 43 Reasons 24 Hours or More in Paris Destroys You For Life because 95% of it is now applicable to me.

3. For my Sweet Filthy Boy fans ( via iTunes ) I’m pretty sure I pimp out this series (or authors Christina & Lo ) bi-weekly on here but they’re just my favorite and their books are so perfect. If you loved Sweet Filthy Boy and want to hear the morning after in Vegas from Ansel’s POV read by a sexy French man you must download this audio book. I’ve downloaded and will be listening and swooning to it over the weekend!

4. The Newest Mockingjay Trailer ( via Mashable ) This may be the most hauntingly perfect trailer yet. Tickets go on sale October 29th – will you be snagging tickets early?

And that’s it from me.

Wishing you an awesome weekend.

x C x

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