The C List – Thanksgiving Edition

Fall2014_TheCList_HeaderYOU GUYS!

It’s Friday! And not only that – it’s Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

Thanksgiving Weekend has always been one of my favorite weekends of the year. Friends and family are home, there’s an abundance of food, pumpkins, and wine. And let’s not forget – a giant feast! Or in this year’s case – two giant feasts!

This year, I’m particularly excited because I’m attempting to bake homemade apple pies on Saturday. And yes – I’m even making the pie crust. Which will either be an amazing experience or a horrible one. Either way – it’ll likely be documented on Twitter, so follow along if you’re bored on Saturday and want some good entertainment.

With so much excitement to look forward to this weekend, a girl must really get her day started with a coffee shop latte and her to do list BUT first – The C List

1. The Best Halloween Movies Streaming Right Now (via Refinery29) October is one of my favorite months of the year and while the pretty leaves and pumpkins everywhere plays a big part, Halloween is just simply my favorite. Check out this list of must-watch Halloween movies – you’ve got 20 days to squeeze them all in!

Bonus: Check out the two classics I picked up last night!

2. 30 Gorgeous Travel Locations: Most-Pinned Places on Earth (via Mashable) I’ve been to 7 out of 30 and was so excited to see the Blue Lagoon included on the list!

3. Ed Sheeran’s New Video: “Thinking Out Loud” (via Youtube) While I love his music, never before has Ed Sheeran made me swoon. This music video of him spinning a girl around a dance floor and playing her like a guitar? Yeah, that did it. Prepare to listen to this on repeat. All weekend.

4. Sweet Filthy Boy Outtake (via milq) If you’re a fan of the book, this perfectly sweet outtake is a must.

Another bonus: If you haven’t read Sweet Filthy Boy, read why you need to now. 


Wishing my fellow Canadians an amazing Thanksgiving Weekend with family and friends. And to my American friends – wish you were all here for turkey too!

x C x

ps: Got a great apple pie recipe, trick or tip? Leave a note in the comment below and wish me good luck! 

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