Gone Girl!!! (And the C List) But Mostly Gone Girl!!!

Ok, so technically it’s Friday which can only mean one thing on this blog – The C List. Which is totally coming, I promise.

But – can we talk for two seconds about the fact that it’s also Friday, October 3rd which means one very important thing in particular?

Gone Girl.


I am so excited for this movie, you have no idea. From the minute I heard they were turning the book into a movie, I was counting down the days. Gone Girl is one of my favorite books of all-time and topped my list as my favorite in 2013. It’s very rarely that a book leaves me so utterly distraught, confused, and frustrated as this one and I long for the day another can do equally the same.

So naturally, seeing it come to life on the big screen with this incredible cast, is going to be stellar.

I cannot wait to see Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike’s chemistry. Based on the trailers, I know we’re in for a roller coaster of both excited and uncomfortable feels.


The ending of this book blew my mind. Apparently it’s been altered in the movie, which knowing director David Fincher, I’m prepared to be even more mind blown.

Hit me with your best shot Fincher.

And the Trent Reznor score? Yes please.

I’ll be seeing the movie at 5:40pm EST – for my immediate reaction, follow me on Twitter @crystalcrichard for what will surely be the first OMG Tweet and stay tuned to the blog where I will write my best, non-spoiler review in the coming week (a second viewing may be in order before then.)

Have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about? Check out the trailer here and go read this book. Seriously.

Now. C List time.

 1. This Stunning Photo Series Captures The Same Couple’s Painfully Cute Kiss All Over The World (via Buzzfeed) Whether you’re a photographer, hopeless romantic, or just appreciate a feel good post, this one is for you.

2. The First Footage From “AHS: Freak Show” Is Terrifying (via Buzzfeed) Will you be watching the newest season of American Horror Story next week? We can have nightmares about the clown together, ok?

3. 10 Important Life Lessons From Laguna Beach & The Hills (via Refinery29) From “He’s a sucky person” to “Go to Paris” – we’ve all defaulted to one of these answers to many of life’s questions from the Hills at one point in our life.

4. Principal Joins Teen Who Wanted His Cat In His Yearbook Picture For The Most Amazing Photo Ever (via Buzzfeed) I would love to be friends with this kid, because cats are awesome.

And that’s it from me – I now need to go focus for 8 hours until it’s Gone Girl time.

Have an amazing weekend. Do something fun and awesome. And go buy a pumpkin.

x C x

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