The C List

the-c-listOh hey there my faithful, loyal readers.

It’s the return of the C List (just barely) after two weeks of vacation and post-vacation exhaustion. #jetlag


That being said – it’s been without a doubt the most amazing first week back after Paris, despite needing the odd 15 minute power nap or two throughout the day. Seriously, if you see me napping in the car, at my desk, in line at the grocery store – just ignore me or give me a pillow.

BUT I couldn’t ignore this little hobby of mine much longer, so while a much longer and more detailed Paris post is in the works, here is the return of the C List.

1. How to Be Parisian (via Refinery29) I saw this Wednesday and absolutely loved how it landed in my lap after such an epic Parisian experience.

2. Why you should all have the “it” hairstyle right now (via Refinery29) Sincerely, Yours Truly. Sporting said “it” hairstyle.

3. The First Listen to the Gone Girl soundtrack (via NPR) Seriously, is it October 3rd yet?

And that’s it from me this week! Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

x C x

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