Paris – Comme tu es Belle


I know that I said I was going to make a regular effort to blog daily on this vacation, but a combination of crappy hotel wifi and, well… PARIS… has caused me to blog less, and drink wine & walk Paris at midnight instead.

Because if you think Paris is beautiful by day – it’s even prettier by night.

Says the girl who should know because it’s nearly 1am and I’m just getting in.

I mean look.

IMG_1735 IMG_1685

In short, Paris is everything I wanted it to be and then some. I said to my friend Jessie tonight (while sitting and admiring the Eiffel Tower lit up in all its glory) that I couldn’t imagine ever getting tired of looking at it. Even if you saw it day after day. And she agreed – there’s just something about it that is so incredible.

Which is likely why on my first day in Paris, the very first thing I did in the morning was wake up and go straight to the Eiffel Tower. No coffee, no breakfast: give me the Eiffel Tower. Since then, I’ve been back three times on my way to other destinations and still find it impossible not to sit and stare.

In addition to the Eiffel Tower (which I could talk about forever) with the help of two of Jessie’s local friends, I got to spend an amazing day walking around the city getting a sneak peek at some of the sights I’ll be checking out later this week: Arc de Triomphe,  Jardins de Luxenbourg, Cathedral de Notre Dame, and more.

Today, I visited Chateau Versailles and realized Marie Antoinette and I should have been BFFs. I’d also very much like to know how she walked around the courtyard in her Louboutin heels because I was having a hard enough time on that cobblestone in flats.

I’ve also had the chance to use my French in every single instance except for the time I referred to the bathroom as “salle de bain” instead of “toilettes.” Oops. So kudos to myself for somehow still knowing how to pull-off my French girl act. I’m quite confident I may need to start using it on the regular when I come back to Canada.

So in no particular order or fashion (and with a limited number due to the wifi situation) here are some glimpses of my favorite places that I’ve visited so far!

IMG_1360 The beautiful Seine River

IMG_1408 Jardin de Luxembourg

IMG_1331 Arc de Triomphes

IMG_1391 Happiest.

IMG_1456The even happier.

IMG_1431Day dreaming on the Seine

IMG_1653Chateau Versailles

IMG_1518 Hall of Mirrors

IMG_1660One small fraction of the gardens

IMG_1541Marie Antoinette’s Chambres

IMG_1565 The very BEST lunch

IMG_1617 Palace Life.

IMG_1720 The best meal of my life: Duck Confit à la Petite Perigourdine

IMG_1721 Crème Brûlée à Paris

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Au revoir!

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