And off she went!

Note: This is the first of many Parisian Adventure posts to come. While I still handwrite my adventures in a journal, there’s just something equally exciting about sharing it with those of you who have shared in my excitement leading up to this trip! So please enjoy! And feel free to follow along on Instagram and Twitter too! 

If you had told me a year ago that I would blogging from an airport in Iceland – I would have laughed in your face and thought you were crazy.

But then I turned 30 and got this wild idea that I would go to Paris for my 30th birthday present to myself and for the heck of it – fly IcelandAir out of Halifax and book a 12 hour layover in Iceland, because why not.

Well. Let me tell you.

I have been here for an hour and I’m digging the Iceland (and I haven’t even left the airport.)

IMG_1202The face of a girl totally digging Iceland at 6:00am.

For starters, I was in love with Iceland before I even left Canada. IcelandAir is by far one of the nicest airlines I’ve ever flown. From a cold bottle of icelandic water handed to you the minute you step onboard – to the complimentary pillow (with cute icelandic lullaby) and cozy large blanket – I was sold. Then I realized the leg room was fantastic and woke up to fresh orange juice prior to landing, which let’s be honest – is even more refreshing than water when you’ve been snoozing on a red-eye.

The staff were the sweetest. There was a USB port for charging my iPhone. And their safety video is AWESOME. Kudos to the marketing team behind that gem. I’d much rather watch an attractive Icelandic couple jump into a waterfall to demonstrate how someone jumps onto an emergency inflatable exit slide.

This airline is just the greatest. And I swear they in no way endorsed this post. Though if they’d like, I’d be happy to sing their praises again and again for a longer trip to Iceland at a later date.

IMG_1188Good job IcelandAir, good job.

Landing in Iceland at 5am – there wasn’t much to see but I spotted a beautiful lighthouse when we first saw land and wishfully thinking wanted to see the erupting volcano. Because it’s totally realistic that a person could see lava from 200kms away.

This is my first European adventure so I LOVED that the passport control stamped my passport. Because I feel like America NEVER stamps passports anymore.

Again, good job Iceland.

The next stop at 6am was obviously coffee, so I was thrilled when I spotted a Kaffitár in the airport. After seeing iJustine rave about it during her Icelandic adventures earlier this year, it was on my must-try list for my time in Iceland.

It did not disappoint.

IMG_1201I have no idea what I ordered. Only that it was called a Caramel Bouquet and was loaded with coffee and whip cream and tasted like heaven.

Thank you for the delicious treat Kaffitár!

IMG_1199And that’s it from this leg. At 9:30am I’m off to the famous Blue Lagoon (the excitement in my body is unreal folks) and will be spending the day there before returning to the airport and catching a flight to Paris. Because that’s real life right now.

I hope you all enjoy the posts to come as much as I enjoy writing them, looking like a weirdo taking selfies in various tourist spots, and continuously thinking – man, that would make a great photo op for the blog.

With love from Iceland – see you in Paris!

x C x

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