Scenes from the Weekend

With only one weekend left before I leave for Paris, I did what any girl in my position would do.

Spent the weekend doing everything other than getting ready for Paris by leaving the province.

That’s right. While I should have been doing laundry, making my list and checking it twice, or even dare I say it – relaxing – I had a simply amazing weekend doing all things but travel prep.

Instead, it was off to Prince Edward Island for a fifth time this summer (because at this point, why not?) to see Anne & Gilbert the musical, eat like East Coast royalty, and take way too many photos of goats and beaches.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

IMG_1008 driving along this bridge – never gets old

IMG_1012 bbq shrimp tacos 

IMG_1025 confederates – telling me all their secrets

IMG_1022 show time! 

IMG_1040 these cuties @ the Goat Soap Company (a must stop AND you can order online!)

IMG_1028 leave a girl alone, she’ll befriend a goat…

IMG_1049 another must stop – the Dunes at Brackley Beach

IMG_1056clearly I’m moving in…

IMG_1058 spiralling staircases with views…

IMG_1067 sandy beacons…

IMG_1076those beaches 
 IMG_1090caesars and fish burgers (the best I’ve ever had) at Blue Mussel Cafe in North Rustico

IMG_1089 homing beacon 


Do yourself a favour – when in North Rustico, GO to Blue Mussel Cafe 

And make sure to say hi to Cooper the dog outside.

So – how was your weekend?!

x C x

A/N: Next week’s Scenes from the Weekend will be LIVE from Paris, France. I just needed to write that in a sentence, because I’m still pinching myself! x 

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