Paris is Always a Good Idea

If you were expecting the C List – you’re about to be a pinch disappointed.

Switching things up over the next three weeks, I’ve decided to write a few shameless Friday posts while travelling. Sure the C List is fun and after a summer of posting on Fridays, I’ve come to love keeping my eyes peeled for great links to share during the week.


Given that I will be in Iceland a week from today and Paris the following Friday – I think I will have MUCH more exciting things to blog about on both days.

And… In honor of my arrival in the city of lights a week from today, I thought I’d have a little fun by sharing a list of some of the sites I cannot wait to explore and having my fellow Paris lovers chime in on their must-see attractions, favorite restaurants, and the best coffee shops to blog or daydream in.



Here are my top 10 spots I can’t wait to experience!

1. Eiffel Tower. This one is a given. And a meal in the restaurant is without a doubt something I can’t wait to experience. You can tell me how touristy it is all you want. I’m likely going to cry like a fool when I first see it.

2. Versailles. Having just watched Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette this past week, I’m beyond excited to explore the castle grounds.

3. The Paris Catacombs. I’ve heard this is a must. Do you agree?

4. Laduree. This is an attraction in itself for me. Just give me all the macarons. Every day. But have any of your Paris travellers splurged on their restaurant? Thoughts on their brunch if one wanted to feel like Blair Waldorf for the day.

5. Notre Dame Cathedral. Calling Quasimodo.

6. The Louvres. Again, a given. But tips on the best exhibits or rooms to see. I realize I’ll only see a tiny fraction so recommendations on must-see art pieces would be much appreciated.

7. Shakespeare and Company. No book lover could resist.

8. Père Lachaise Cemetery. Because cool cemeteries are always a must. Plus, I figure this will seem way less creepy after doing the Catacombs.

9. Cafe du Flore. Another must-stop for me as I’ve heard their hot chocolate is to die for.

10. Arc de Triomphe. Worth going to the top – yes or no?

And in case any of you were worried I’d miss out on Montmartre and Sacre Coeur – I’m staying in that arrondissement so I’ll be sure to experience many strolls and morning runs through Montmartre!

So. What am I missing from my list? What restaurants or cafes must I try! Let me know by leaving a comment below or tweeting me @crystalcrichard!

I should probably get packing!

Bisou Bisou!

x C x

8 thoughts on “Paris is Always a Good Idea

  1. I’ve done it all! (except Cafe du Flore and climbing l’Arc du Triomphe!) I recommend you everrrrrything! Père Lachaise takes a whole day to visit and it’s quite impressive. Make sure to have a map! Also, while you’ll be at the Champs Élisée for l’Arc du Triomphe, you’ll find the biggest La Durée and the most impressive one! Bring your camera and enjoy the whole feel :)
    For the Louvre, well it’s possible to do the whole museum in one day, but you won’t be able to stop and read each and everyone portrait but it’s pretty cool :) The second time I went, I skipped the Egyptian side since i had already done it. I really enjoyed La Galerie d’Apollon and Antiquité Grecque et Romaines and of course the floor with all the Peintures :)

    The Catacomb: expect a line up! But it’s still really cool!

    OMG and you HAVE to do the boat ride on La Seine around sunset time. It’s fucking perfect and amazing. Hands down top 2 favorite things I did and it’s not that expensive! Seriously. DO IT!

  2. Laduree is definitely not to be missed! Also if you have time for another museum I suggest La Musee D’Orsay. Also the Tulleries Gardens are amazing – and near the Louvre. Enjoy! I’m jealous!

  3. Hey! You are going to have a great time! I went to the Moulin Rouge when I was there bc well I was obsessed with the movie, and although there are topless dancers it’s more tasteful than you would imagine! I got lost in the Louvre so I’ve got no tips for you there. Not sure if you mentioned the Notre Dame Cathedral? It’s pretty neat too! And remember what we talked about.. Beware of gypsys!

  4. *Wish I could. Ugh, excuse the insufferable typo. Aside from that, have a fantastic time with all the sweet stuff and meet-cutes with them French hotties! ;)

  5. If you get an opportunity to taste a “chocolat chaud Angelina”, don’t miss it. We found it at Versailles. Incredibly good! (Reminded me of the movie Chocolat.)
    Also, we enjoyed visiting the Musée d’Orsay…paintings by Monet, Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, etc.
    Walks along the Seine are also very enjoyable. Enjoy!!

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