The Book Pile: A Farewell to Arms

Last weekend, I curled up and read the oldest novel from my Summer Beach Bag Books list – A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.

As I had mentioned in the above post, though I’ve always been enchanted by Hemingway (and own a Hemingway polydactyl cat) — I’ve never actually read a Hemingway book. After falling in love with an excerpt from A Farewell to Arms on Tumblr, I knew it had to be my first.

As if it was fate, when I was perusing Paper Hound used bookstore in Vancouver when visiting Kate in May, I found the perfect old copy and it smells divine. If the thought of old book smell just gave you the good kind of shivers, we must be soul mates.

I don’t read many classics, so getting into how Hemingway writes was a bit tricky at first. It was also really interesting to see how some words were written back in the day (to-morrow, to-day, good-by) and what words we frown upon today, were still perfectly acceptable in the 1920’s.

All of this to say, Hemingway writes romance beautifully. He captures how tragic love can really be and how vulnerable we all are when we give our heart to someone. While some of the dialogues were unlike anything I’ve ever read and I loved every word, some didn’t do it for me, which made it a bit harder to read. For example, those with the female lead Catherine weren’t as enjoyable for me – she was stubborn and whiney, but maybe that was the point.

While I enjoyed the book, it was the ending that left me screaming at the book. I’ll keep this spoiler free, but SERIOUSLY?

tumblr_inline_my81uatrhi1qhmakjI didn’t realize until I finished the book that this was the very one Bradley Cooper’s character pitched through a window in Silver Linings Playbook.

And then it made perfect sense.

Because seriously – what the f@ck!? 

But Hemingway clearly did something right, because he still got 4 out of 5 stars from me on GoodReads for beautifully written words and how he wove rain as a metaphor into the story.


Have you read A Farewell to Arms? A fan of Hemingway? Let me know what you think!

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  1. Your reaction to this book reminded me of my reaction upon finishing Gone Girl, haha.

    You review definitely piqued my interest to read Hemingway’s work. Sounds interesting.

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