Scenes from the Weekend

This past weekend was one of those perfect weekends where you expect it to be quiet and uneventful but then you end up on the most exciting adventure.

While I spent Friday night curled up watching Moonrise Kingdom and Midnight in Paris and the better part of Saturday having an amazing nap and devouring Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms” — I ended up spending Sunday at Fundy National Park with Mom & Dad. Quality fam jam time, for the win.

Fundy is nestled amongst beautiful pine trees, lakes, and amazing coast views and cliffs about an hour outside of Moncton. It’s home to some of my favorite hikes and East Coast views and is the perfect place for a BBQ picnic or two. It’s also home to the largest tides in world. Over an eight hour time span, boats at the wharf go from well afloat to high and dry. It’s nature’s way of blowing my mind, every time I visit.

So without further ramblings, here are my favorite snapshots from the weekend.

IMG_0636fresh sunflowers from the local market 

IMG_0640 lobster boats on a saturday night stroll 

IMG_0654 hemingway cat reads hemingway and loves it

IMG_0660 high tide @ 11am … 

IMG_0719 low tide @ 7:30pm …

IMG_0661 high tide….

IMG_0722 low tide… 

IMG_0670 herring cove 

IMG_0672 herring cove beach 

IMG_0676 herring cove beach

IMG_0679 im smiling but this water is freezing… 

IMG_0692 no filter needed – nature’s green

IMG_0695 views from a covered bridge

IMG_0700 laverty lake 

IMG_0702 bennett lake 

IMG_0708 lakeside bbq

IMG_0727 high and dry

IMG_0712 huge thank you to my parents for the day trip and great company xo

What exciting adventures did you get up to this weekend?

x C x

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