The C List

the-c-listEvery Friday I think to myself…

Wow. Is it already Friday again?

It’s no shocker to anyone that this summer has absolutely flown by. The month of August seemingly flying at record speed, causing me to have a full blown freak out this week when I realized I was leaving for Paris in three weeks and had yet to book a hotel.

As much as I want to be spontaneous on this trip, there’s a time and place and landing in Paris with no hotel is not the time or place.

tumblr_mv7ybesuyo1qa70eyo1_500^ me, every day, for 8 days as of September 12th

The good news is, I now have a hotel reservation for the tiniest but sweetest room in a boutique hotel in Montmartre and I am over the moon. Bring it Paris.

But! In the meantime, Happy Friday and here is the C List!

1. A Baby Wombat + the Subsequent Photoshop Fun (via Mashable) Two words: baby wombat

2. American Horror Story – Freakshow teaser (via I am a huge fan of this series, though I don’t find either of the past two seasons could compare to the first season. That said – Freakshow sounds promising (carnivals are terrifying) and Wes Bentley joined the cast. So, yes.

3. Barely Legal Pawn (via Hypable) Bryan Cranston. Aaron Paul. Julia Louis Dreyfus. It doesn’t even matter what is going on in this video. It’s got Bryan and Aaron and Aaron holds a puppy. You’re welcome.

4. Robert Pattinson’s #IceBucketChallenge (via Buzzfeed) I mean, there are so many good celebrity challenges (and I’m obviously a huge fan of Jamie Dornan’s) but Rob’s was just too good. And bless him for going with a white tshirt that day.

Alright friends. Have an awesome weekend.

x C x

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