“Keep Confederating!”

Welcome to the second part of the #CCAsEastCoastVoyage series! Miss Day One? You can catch up right here

On Day Two of our East Coast road trip, the girls and I started our day off with caffeine and pastries from Starbucks moments before I introduced them to every Canadian book lovers heaven – Chapters.

After a few hours on the road and one exciting drive over the famous Confederation Bridge, we were on what is appropriately named the Garden of the Gulf. From red sand cliffs to rolling hills, there is just something so breathtaking about the island from the minute you arrive.

Once the necessary photo ops were taken advantage of at Gateway Village, we made our way to the Island’s capital, Charlottetown, to locate some confederates, learn about the birthplace of Canada, and commence a spontaneous night on the town. That of course included a ghost walk on the waterfront and through the heart of downtown, a few hotel drinks and a dance party, followed by a night out at Peakes on the Water.

Here are a few of my favourite snapshots from the day of schmoozing confederates (“Have a great day! Keep on confederating!”) photo shoots on the waterfront and nailing the “Beyonce Pose” at the club.

IMG_9106IMG_9108IMG_9121 1IMG_9099afterlight-4

The night ended with an impeccable drunken rendition of “Oh Canada” and a police escort back to our hotel.

Only in Canada do police officers tail you on your walk home to make sure you get there safely.

Sometimes I really love this country.

x C x

Come back tomorrow for Day Three and all things Anne of Green Gables! Spoiler Alert: Gilbert Blythe! 

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