The C List

the-c-listWhile last week’s The C List was brought to you all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia (with two very special guest bloggers on hand) this week’s C List is totally going to pale in comparison.

Unless you count my cat who is making it her life’s mission to keep me from doing anything productive on the macbook tonight.

Though this week’s C List is really coming to you from the comfort of my apartment, next week’s will be back on the road as I will be updating from beautiful Prince Edward Island – yes, again. I could tell you it’s a mother-daughter trip, but we all know it’s the raspberry cordial pulling me back. #kidding #halfkidding

In all seriousness though, it’s off to PEI again next Thursday night for my mother and I’s annual mother-daughter summer trip. We may be keeping it closer to home (and in the same country) compared to previous trips to Maine in the summer, but expect nothing short of scenic beach and sunset shots, picturesque lighthouses and red cliffs, more hang time with the confederates and most definitely all the raspberry cordial and Cows ice-cream.

And do I plan on sneaking away to the Haunted Wood Trail for another stolen moment or two at Green Gables? Of course!

IMG_9614happiest girl in the world 

But until next week, here is this week’s C List!

1. How Garden State Changed Everything 10 Years Ago (via Refinery29) Garden State is one of my all-time favourite movies. This post pretty much encompassed one of the biggest reasons why: the birth of the indie soundtrack.

2. The Friendly, Surfing Seal (via Mashable) Warning: hot surfers, adorable seal. The fact that this happened is still blowing my mind.

3. The newest Love, Rosie trailer (via DailyMail) There’s nothing quite better than a British rom-com, now is there?

4. The newest Gone Girl poster (via Buzzfeed) Is it October 3rd yet? No, really. Is it?

5. Jennifer is a Party Pooper (via YouTube) If you are not already familiar with Flula, your life as you know it is about to change.

So – what are your favourite links this week?

Happy Friday folks!

x C x

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