Scenes from the Weekend: #CCAsEastCoastVoyage Edition

Remember a few weeks ago when I went on and on about how amazing The Killers concert was, saying quote “Saturday was easily one of the best days of Summer 2014 – I dare anyone to trump it.”

Well, mad props to Colleen and Amber because this weekend definitely trumped it.

And then trumped it some more.

Three provinces in two days. Five days of adventure. #thrillseekers 

As you can imagine, I can’t even begin to choose my favorite snapshots from the weekend because that would be utterly impossible –  so there will be a number of posts coming your way featuring a few of my favourite stops on the #CCAseastcoastvoyage.

Until then, here are just a few of my absolute favorites, a day later, because pizza and reality TV with the girls last night before they headed back to the USA was far more important than blogging.


   photo 1lighthouse photo shoot outtakes – it’s a thing

photo 3 ferry rides in halifax

10350349_10100427623886049_5131684027209029133_n selfies on a boat – featuring C & A

photo 2 if you didn’t insta it, you didn’t drink it… rules to live by.

10527566_10100428217261919_4201471867973652026_n Prince Edward Island!!!

10553550_10100428267296649_7987987529677056238_n Ghost Tours on the waterfront and in downtown Charlottetown

IMG_9765 we took A LOT of coffee in cars selfies… as one does on road trips

photo 1 magical moments at Green Gables

photo 5 On the outside: chatting books with Anne herself. On the inside: flailing because it’s Anne

photo 4 we travelled back in time..

photo 2 sunsets and friends – no better life

IMG_9686 epic east coast feast

photo 3 experience the largest tides in the world and walk the ocean floor

So – how was YOUR weekend?

x C x

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