Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer: Nailed It

Today the 50 Shades of Grey trailer happened.

And it was even better than I could have ever imagined.

Adios. Dead. Gone. Bye. Nice knowing you all.

As you can all imagine formulating sentences is hard, because holy shit I loved this trailer even more than I expected to. And I was really really expecting it to be awesome but then awesome turned into epic and then …. fuck.

I don’t swear on here a lot. But fuck…. 

Here are thirteen times the 50 Shades of Grey trailer absolutely NAILED IT.

1. When we first see Christian. Because THOSE EYES.

tumblr_n98m1kIL671s9qyxio1_500Did they CGI his eyes to look even bluer? Don’t care.

And those lines? “Look at me….” “I am….” ???


2. The elevator scene. Let’s talk about the elevator scene.


tumblr_n984y33cpV1s9qyxio3_500And by talk, I mean just stare at these gifs for an hour.

Also I’ve been in that elevator. That did not, in fact, happen when I was in that elevator.


3. Let’s talk about the Grey Enterprises helicopter.

tumblr_n98m1kIL671s9qyxio3_500 The helicopter was everything I imagined and then him in front of it?

Cherry in a suit on top.


4. Christian twirling Ana on the dance floor.

tumblr_n984y33cpV1s9qyxio4_500 I don’t remember this from the book but I’m LOVING this shot in the trailer and the wrist grab.


5. When Christian saves her from the biker.


tumblr_n98kodrY4T1s9qyxio5_500First of all. I also stood there. So I win.

Second, this was exactly what I wanted after I saw the set pictures of when they filmed here.

In Vancouver. In Gastown. I miss it.


6. That apartment view though….

tumblr_inline_n98jmntLjL1ribbkq #NailedIt

7. Jealous Christian, which is basically the best non-sex scene in the book for me because protective Christian is HOT.

tumblr_n97vac3dff1tgv7igo1_500No way Jose.


8. Under the table funzies. Let’s face it. This killed me in Beyonce’s teaser.


Perfect leg graze is perfect.


9. Christian’s jeans. When it comes to wardrobe – there were only two necessary requirements: good suits and playroom jeans.

tumblr_n98m1kIL671s9qyxio7_r1_500 Those sex lines though.


10. I don’t even know what this scene is – BUT I LIKE IT.



11. Dakota Johnson’s acting chops that allowed her to deliver the perfect reaction when she first sees the playroom.

tumblr_n980s72eqY1rks8zxo4_500Guess what Dakota!

You #NailedIt

12. Christian carrying Ana to bed. In the jeans.

tumblr_n97vu2psyN1sj5x62o5_500I’m guessing he just whipped her.

And I don’t even care.

Because yet again – #NailedIt

13. And lastly – Beyonce’s haunting remix of “Crazy in Love” and Ana throwing her head back in pleasure?


Chains, whips, blindfolds.


Is it February yet?

If you’re still breathing, what was YOUR favourite part of the Fifty Shades trailer?

I’m just going to get back to my vodka and flailing.

x C x

7 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer: Nailed It

    1. The way he walks into that elevator. His gate, his slight swagger, the tilt of his head – so predatory. My ovaries yelled BINGO! The close-up of his hand tapping on the desk for some reason is insanely hot – I now it’s just a hand but with the music UMPF. The sweaty after a run, take off my shirt and crawl on the bed thing. Because his hair looks best in that scene. Not at all fluffy. lol
      And I am one of those people that wasn’t a big fan of the book but HOLY HELL now I want to see this movie!!!

  1. OMG .. I am so hypnotized … mesmerized .. overwhelmed … I dont hav enough words.. the expressions captured …. beautiful direction … it was like flash back of all the memories rushing back .. I was feeling HIGH

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