Scenes from the Weekend

I’m starting to notice a trend… A Monday night scenes from the weekend post, usually symbolizes a rather awesome weekend.

This one in particular, no exception.

And I mean, I know the weekend is technically Friday through Sunday, but can we take a second to appreciate last Thursday’s sunset? Because it’s sunset porn at its finest.

10410814_10100419943347909_4775889807463558842_nReal life, folks. Right there.

When asked what the original plan for my weekend was on Friday morning, I would have said pool party with friends and two days of R&R. 

Well, what fun is a predictable weekend?

Following a wonderful pool party and BBQ with friends on Friday night, I did get my day of solid R&R on Saturday, spending the morning at the local Farmer’s Market (buying local of course) and the afternoon on the beach curled up with a book, which I finished (Clipped Wings). I then curled up with another book, A Hundred Summers, which I read in my favourite chair, from start to finish viewing both the sunset and the starlight of midnight.

It was pure bliss. 

On Sunday, my parents threw a last minute birthday bash for my uncle, because this summer we party. It’s how we do. My parents retired and became the Jay Gatsby of St. Thomas by the Sea. Come by anytime, glitter, champagne and adultery optional.

And now, here’s your own personal look at summer time on the East Coast, when the living is easy.

afterlight-10 got pool?

afterlight-11 beach side, saturday market attire selfies

afterlight-15nautical best

afterlight-13 buy local, you won’t regret it

afterlight-12 strawberry season, the very best season

10556403_10100420662112499_7067151098302077906_n saturday afternoon views with Clipped Wings

10429441_10100420740036339_3967253619221633699_n so many books, so little summer with A Hundred Summers

10455256_10100422047815539_4732645283924762020_n did Gatsby like oysters? because we sure do

As always, how was your weekend?

And what great books did you read this weekend?

x C x

4 thoughts on “Scenes from the Weekend

  1. Your weekends are greater than all others.
    Lovely earrings my love.
    Devoured Gone Girl last weekend and loved every second of it.

  2. Just finished Landline recently! It was the loveliest.

    “How could she ever doubt that he loved her? When loving her was what he did better than all the things he did beautifully.”

    I mean.

    (You should read it if you haven’t) <3

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