I’ve Got Soul, but I’m Not a Soldier

Disclaimer: All of these videos and images are my own. Thanks to new friends, I was also in the front row and beside the speaker, so while these video clips are awesome (and short for easy viewing) they’re loud, there is screaming, and the sound quality is sometimes shot by the speakers. My point? Keep your volume low people when watching. 

I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life.

I mean, not to the degree that some hardcore music fans have. I’d argue that I would go to more if the bands I liked frequented Eastern Canada more often, but as the cookie crumbles – you don’t often see the likes of The National, Mumford and Sons, the XX, the Lumineers (all favourites of mine) around this neck of the woods.

Until that time The Killers came to Prince Edward Island for Big Red Fest.

IMG_8161 The Killers, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island July 2014

Yes. That happened. And it was quite honestly the greatest concert of my life.

With Death Cab for Cutie as their opener, no less.

I’ve been a fan of The Killers since they first appeared in season two of The O.C. back in the day (look how emo and cute both Brandon Flowers and Seth Cohen were back then!) I scored the opportunity to see them in Calgary when they played the Saddledome in 2007 – it was amazing and Brandon wore red ruby slippers which were basically the greatest.

1933758_510003372939_9408_nThe Killers, Calgary, Alberta May 2007

I mean, I thought I had a pretty great view in 2007.

Until 2014 happened.

IMG_8215Oh hey there Brandon…

As I’ve already mentioned in my Scenes from the Weekend post, where I pretty much withheld all Killers goodness for this post: this concert was simply epic.

It’s not often that I get to see my favourite bands in concert. Some don’t even tour regularly. Most just don’t come North of Boston or East of Toronto or Montreal. So while I’ve enjoyed some great concerts around here like The Rolling Stones (twice), U2, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and the Black Eyed Peas (a top honour I may add) — none of those bands were ever really a favourite.

Not like The Killers. Because I definitely screamed when I found out the Killers were coming to the East Coast.

For starters, if you’ve ever had the chance to see these guys live, you will know that Brandon Flowers’ unique voice carries those perfect lyrics so insanely well, you’re going to have a full-on out-of-body experience. I swear.

That man can sing.


From my favourites like “Somebody Told Me” to “A Dustland Fairytale” – every song was perfection. During the encore, hearing “Shot at the Night” live? Incredible. That song and music video (set in Vegas) hold a very dear spot in my heart (I talk about it here), so I’d be lying if I said hearing it in concert didn’t ruin me. It was worth it.

Shot at the Night

Second, their energy output is unreal.

Yes, they don’t typically play a very long set. Both times I’ve seen them, they only played for about an hour and a half, including a 2-3 song encore. But dammit if they don’t give every song all the energy in the world.


And can we talk about the audience involvement every time they do “All These Things That I’ve Done?” You’re totally singing it for days afterwards.

All These Things That I’ve Done 

Third, can we bring it back to Brandon Flowers?

Brandon was always a cutie in the early years (emo but cute) but then something happened in the last few years and BAM!

Those Arms. That Hair. Those Legs.

Goodbye everything you thought you knew. Hello Brandon Flowers. 

On the drive to PEI, I declared many “goals” for the day to one of my BFFs.

  1. Have an epic night out in Charlottetown.
  2. Unapologetically flirt with cute rocker boys.
  3. Find a way to get as close as physically possible to Brandon Flowers.


Warning: You may want your volume on low. I was next to the speakers. And screaming.

You can understand why this concert was the very best.

So yes. Greatest concert of my life? Arguably so. Am I starting to think I’d hop a plane or drive to Boston to see them a third time next time around? Absofreakinglutely.

And now, excuse me while I go continue to listen to all of their songs, on repeat, as I’ve been doing since Saturday morning.

If you need me, I’ll be in a Killers / Brandon Flowers induced coma until the weekend.

x C x

Have you seen the Killers live? Love em? Hate em? Let me know in the comments below. Were you lucky enough to be at Saturday’s concert? Tell me just how much you loved it or tweet me @crystalcrichard


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