Scenes from the Weekend

On Friday’s the C List – I had one goal for the weekend.

Get even remotely close to this:

tumblr_n8h74gYBWZ1rmctrlo2_500I’d call this a win, yeah?

IMG_8215Because I’m pretty sure that happened. Among other things.

Yes, if I was shooting for a 10 out of 10 weekend, the end result was a 12.

It was THAT good. And the Killers was only part of it.

Spent with family, neighbours and friends celebrating my father’s 70th birthday on the shore Friday, the afternoon and evening included sun, fun, good food, great people, an epic moon and Chinese lanterns in the sky. In true East Coast fashion, it ended with the neighbourhood guitarists serenading guests under the moonlight with a little Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard.

Then on Saturday, it was off to Prince Edward Island to spend the next 24 hours with some of my best friends for Death Cab and The Killers in concert. Truthfully, I forgot how fun Prince Edward Island can be in the summer and I cannot wait to return when my New Yorkers come visit in just over two weeks – I’m looking at you Colleen and Amber!

From beers on the beach, to Cows ice cream (a must when in PEI), to more drinks, laughs, new friends, and the best damn concert I’ve ever been to — followed by a fantastic night out in Charlottetown — Saturday was easily one of the best days of Summer 2014.

I dare anyone to trump it.

So here’s just a glimpse of the perfection – a day later than usual because someone was a little under the weather on Sunday (with good reason!) 

photo 1 the birthday boy 

afterlight-9 that moon though….

afterlight-7 moon photo shoots followed… 

afterlight-6la familia

IMG_8035 east coast summer nights around the fire

afterlight-5 the perfect night…

IMG_8073 fly like chinese lanterns across the sky…

IMG_8079 fact: confederates don’t smile (Charlottetown, PEI) 

IMG_8089 when in Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown, PEI) 

photo 2 I wanted all the things… (Charlottetown, PEI)

photo 3  I didn’t buy this, but I probably should have.

For a t-shirt of your own, check out their online store @

IMG_8096 may I recommend the wowie cowie? (Charlottetown, PEI)

IMG_8125 concert bound. vodka in hand. #classy

IMG_8153 my first east coast lifestyle bracelet to compliment my Kiel James Patrick 

Want all the concert pics? Come back Wednesday night.

Homegirl is still in a Brandon Flowers induced haze.

How was your weekend? 

x C x

A/N: Some people have asked if what photo editing apps I use, as I’ll often polish some of my Scenes from the Weekend pictures to switch it up from Facebook or Instagram. I’m absolutely in love with Afterlight, available on the AppStore for a steal at .99cents. 

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