The C List – Concert Weekend Edition

the-c-list It’s Friday.

And it’s the Friday before the Saturday where I cross the Confederation Bridge headed to Prince Edward Island to see DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE AND THE KILLERS.

anigif_enhanced-25126-1392065552-14 This kid gets it: BRANDON FLOWERS and DEATH CAB.

I’m sorry. I’m a little excited. And by a little, we’re talking really, really, really excited. 

I mean, if I can get anywhere close to the this:


So long. It was nice knowing you all.

But really. I’m hitting up Big Red Fest in Charlottetown, PEI with some of my best friends and I’m pumped. I’m a huge fan of the Killers and having been lucky enough to see them play the Saddledome in Calgary back in 2007 – I’m psyched to see them again, because Brandon Flowers.

I’m also a long time fan of Death Cab, so this is basically the greatest night of indie rock and roll.

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Until then, here’s this week’s The C List.

1. The Newest Gone Girl Trailer (via Entertainment Weekly) Seriously, between the Trent Reznor undertones and the way this trailer was cut – I cannot wait for this movie.

2.  Alternatively, if you’re a Gone Girl, fan: “Gone Girl Alternate Ending Ideas” (via PopSugar) Fincher said the ending has changed. These are some wicked suggestions on just how f@cked up the ending could get. Because, to be clear, it wasn’t f@cked up enough to begin with (heavy sarcasm alert, my head is still spinning a year and a half later.)

3. This Tiny Hedgehog Had a Birthday (via Mashable) And the result is the greatest, cutest, thing you see today.

4. The Internet Reacts to Eva Mendes Allegedly Having Ryan Gosling’s Baby (via Buzzfeed) Because it’s not Rachel McAdams and that is just not ok. Team Rachel or not. This post is hilarious.

5.  The latest Mockingjay teaser (via Youtube) Full body shivers. Can’t even talk about it.

Have an awesome friday. Have an even awesomer weekend.

x C x

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