The C List – July 4th Edition

the-c-listHappy Friday!

And to my American friends – a very, very Happy 4th of July! 

I absolutely love you America – so cheers to you today. 
And for those of you celebrating with Hurricane Arthur… *hands you a couple extra beers*

Today’s C List is short and sweet: let’s face it, we had our holiday and a heatwave, so naturally not many hours beyond work hours were spent surfing the inter webs. In fact, it’s been so hot and nice, I haven’t even slept in my apartment in the city in over a week. Thank you work from anywhere job and thank you Mom and Dad for letting me completely take over our summer home like it’s my own place in the Hamptons.

Now, here’s this week’s the C List.

1.  Ladylike Laws: Letter Writing 101 (via Lauren Conrad) Because knowing how to write a proper thank you note (yes, write a note, not an email) is one of the most important things a girl should know how to do.

2. 15 of the Creepiest Notes a Child Has Ever Written (via Buzzfeed) You can thank me later for the tears of laughter this will cause. Thank you to Shanelle for sharing!

3. 22 reasons why Peeta Mellark is the best fictional boyfriend you’ll never have (via Hypable) huge thank you to Katherine for sending this my way. Because, Peeta.

4. Summer Binge Watching Guide to Breaking Bad (via Wired) If you haven’t, do it. I dare you.

Have an awesome weekend folks.

x C x

No really, if you’re celebrating with Hurricane Arthur this weekend: please stay safe and follow those emergency procedures! 

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