The C List – Long Weekend Edition

the-c-listSecret: I always write these posts late on Thursday night, usually dreaming of the weekend.

Tonight, I’m writing this oceanside where I’m spending 3.5 of the next 5 days getting some sun, salt, and R&R. I am beyond lucky that we not only have our “work from anywhere Fridays” policy in place this weekend at Onboardly but also work from anywhere Monday, ahead of Tuesday’s Canada Day holiday.

Yes. The road to productivity is with my macbook, coffee, and my favourite bikini in the sun this long weekend.

And where am I spending the other 1.5 days? At a beautiful lakehouse in Saint John celebrating one of my best friend’s 30th.

Those Rules of Summer. I’m taking them very seriously, you guys.

So until the Instagram is filled with pics from the weekend, here’s a taste of my favourite links from this week on the C List.

1. Useful Tips Toward Success (via The Berry) The lovely S sent this to me on Wednesday and it totally made my morning. You may just even learn a tip or two.

2. The 1st Official Mockingjay Teaser (via Hypable) One word: PEETA.

3. 37 Jokes Only Breaking Bad Fans Will Understand (via Buzzfeed) My mother just finished binge watching Breaking Bad. All 62 episodes in less than two weeks. I’m SO proud. So naturally, I’m on a Breaking Bad / I love Jesse Pinkman high.

4. Only the best Vine you will ever see (via Vine) No really. I could not stop watching this Vine over the span of about 12 hours. You can seriously thank me and the Demon Child later.

Now just go and watch that Vine for the next hour. You know you’re going to. It cannot be unseen.

Oh and have an awesome weekend!

x C x


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