The Rules of Summer

When you live in Canada, there is only one way to enjoy summer: to the absolute fullest.

Last summer, I created a Summer Bucket List.

This summer, I’m keeping it simple.

Introducing, the Rules of Summer.

 1. Never pass up the opportunity for a bonfire.

2. Cars were meant to have sand in them, get them sandy.

3. Always keep a good book in your beach bag.

4. Remember that a suntan is earned, never bought.

5. Create the ultimate summer playlist.

6. Get your hair wet: jump in the ocean or dance in the summer rain.

7. BBQ often. Don’t even think about the calories.

8. Go on as many road trips as you can.

9. Take selfies. Instagram A LOT.

10. Blog about it all.  Every last drop.

Summer is here. Don’t waste a second of it. 

x C x

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