Scenes from the Weekend

This summer, there are a few rules in place.

One of which is the addition of a weekly Scenes from the Weekend post on Sundays / Mondays.

For more rules of summer, stay tuned for the official Rules of Summer post coming later this week. 

I mean, we got the short end of the stick in Canada. Summer is short lived, but must be lived to the fullest. Which means weekends jam-packed with exciting things and a lot of cottage time.

Shore life is the best life.

So to kick things off, here’s a look at a few scenes from my weekend, the June 22nd edition. 

10411725_10100404733558449_6788132120577478137_n Run or Dye… more pics to follow in another post! 

10006628_10100404736218119_4447106665080653113_nSummer nights. Crackling fires with friends.

10341651_10100404876237519_6236266519982880375_n Mornings with a view.

IMG_6981 Morning Coastal Run.

IMG_6937 Spotted on my run: this barn turns into the wildest lobster and folk music parties in the summer months. Chaviré is French for ‘Crazy’

IMG_6952 Grounded.

IMG_6963 1 Wide open sea.

IMG_6982 Runner Selfies. They’re a must.

IMG_6998 Sea Surf.

photo-3 Curled up with the most amazing manuscript. I can’t wait until it’s published and I can rec it here.

IMG_6994 Beach Walk.

IMG_7005 Sea glass treasures.

IMG_7008 Perfect end to a perfect weekend.

Between the sun, the great food, and 9K of running, I’m spent.

How was your weekend?

x C x

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