Tomorrow, I Run

Turning 30 is a funny thing.

Unlike turning 25, 26, 27, 28, or 29 — turning 30 brings with it a whole boat-load of anxiety, pressure, expectations, and yes, even a little excitement. It’s not a bad thing.

It’s actually a great thing. Trust me, as of Sunday, I’ve been thirty for 5 months and it’s been quite amazing.

And what is my greatest accomplishment in the past five months? Running. 

Or should I say… learning to run. 

You see, I was never a runner. Even in high school, if running was on the agenda for gym class that day, I was “conveniently” suffering from menstrual cramps. In my twenties, I tried once or twice. Hated it. But a crazy thing happened as my 30th birthday creeped closer. I decided that this was the year I would learn to run.

Was it the imminent new decade that did it? Not exactly, though that’s the excuse I usually give people as it’s much easier than explaining the truth.

No, I decided to sign up for my first 5K, never having run in my life, after reading a book.

A romantic, smutty one at that.

tumblr_mxflf5CJDZ1rkt0n6o1_500Yup. You read that right.

You see, books play a much bigger role in my life than the stories they tell.

Yes, they’re an escape, an adventure, or in some cases — the worst decision you ever made but won’t ever regret (I’m looking at you The Fault in Our Stars.) But books have also introduced me to some of the greatest friends a girl could ever ask for. Introduced me to worlds I never thought possible.

So to say a book inspired me to run? Totally plausible.

The book was Beautiful Player and in it, Hannah works a little too much, dates a little too, well, not at all. Enter Will, venture capitalist, unapologetic playboy, and runner with whom she starts running with every morning.  Hannah was not a runner and didn’t even own a sports bra. Hannah is my people.

I realized in many ways, Hannah and I were the same person and while I didn’t have a Will to get my ass into gear, there was nothing stopping me from doing it myself. And what better year than my 30th.

Five months later, I’m running my first 5k tomorrow morning.

It’s official. I have the running bib to prove it.


I mean, I haven’t even done the 5k yet and the experience preparing for it has been life changing.

I’ve slimmed down. Something I didn’t quite realize or believe in its entirety until I saw some snap shots a best friend took this past weekend. 


I love you S. You know how to make a girl feel good about herself xo

And I do feel good. In fact: I FEEL amazing.

So to Christina and Lauren — the incredibly talented authors of Beautiful Player (and basically every other book I ever plug on here) — thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing a character like Hannah and for making her crazy enough to run alongside Will in Central Park every morning.

Because through her, you inspired me.

And while I’m running this 5k for me on Saturday — it’s also for both of you and Hannah.

Oh and real life Will? You can magically appear on my running trails any day, okay?

Wish me luck.

This is it.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

x C x

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5 thoughts on “Tomorrow, I Run

  1. you’re amazing, girl! keep up the awesome work.

    p.s. you’re pretty damn inspiring yourself, you know.

    <3 Meg

  2. This is wonderful! I signed up for my first 5K, too. It’s in January, but I’ll still be 30 so my story is similar to yours… & no Will over here either, haha!

    Any tips on how to prepare for my first 5K? I hate running so I know it’s going to be a difficult journey.

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