Pray for Moncton

Update: Shooter was apprehended at 12:10am after I posted this. Huge thank you to our local RCMP for their extraordinary work in capturing the shooter. Moncton will sleep soundly tonight.

In lieu of today’s the C List, I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my thoughts, prayers, and sympathies to our fallen heroes here in Moncton: the three RCMP officers killed on Thursday night in the wake of this terror we’re still not able to escape. With the city still on lockdown and the shooter still on the loose, his whereabouts unknown — our city is desperate to wake up from this nightmare.

The only link I’m sharing today is one that so perfectly describes why this horrible tragedy has shaken Moncton more than any of us could have ever imagined: Nobody Puts Moncton in a Corner

“Monctonians are good people. We give people the shirt off our back. We listen when the RCMP say to stay indoors. We check on our neighbours and friends. And we all feel that creepy chills on the spine feeling knowing that he was in OUR neighbourhoods, by OUR Costco (it’s the city’s shopping mecca, after all!) and hurting OUR police……. He will NOT defeat our collective spirit of trusting each other, looking after each other and now, helping each other to heal.”

To friends, family, followers who’ve sent texts, messages, tweets, etc — our city is feeling your love.

Keep us in your prayers.

x C x

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