The Book Pile: Sweet Filthy Boy

Note: I wrote this post at 1am on a Friday night. I’m editing it less than 12 hours later on a Saturday morning. Blame any hyperventilating or over exaggerations on late night adrenaline and post-book feels.

Alright you guys. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a book review, time doesn’t always allow for it but there’s just this one book I can’t not talk about.

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren.


I’m SO excited to talk about this book — it’s after midnight and I can’t even sleep because I finished it last night and have not stopped thinking about it all day.

It’s one of those books.

 ^ me for the past 24 hours.

If you’re a fan of this blog, if you follow me on Goodreads, or if you’ve ever talked to me about books, you will know that I’m a huge fan of the amazing writing duo Christina Lauren. They are the two authors who pen books together and who are the geniuses behind the Beautiful Bastard series.

Need a refresher?

My Beautiful Bastard spoiler-free review. Two words: Bennett Ryan.

Where I talk spoiler-free about Beautiful Player – the book that inspired me to run (true story) and again, two words: Will Sumner. .

And where I talk about Beautiful Beginning – one of the BB series novellas. They are ALL worth a read. Seriously, just go buy all these books now.

So, yes – these authors are seriously two of my favourites.

Naturally, when I heard about Sweet Filthy Boy their newest series beyond the BB series — I was already sold. After picking up a copy during my trip to Vancouver (because a visit to Chapters with Kate was a must) I started it this week and could not put it down. It was in my purse, every where I went.

It was that good.

Belle is my homegirl. She gets it.

So what IS Sweet Filthy Boy about? Don’t let the title fool you. Parisian Ansel Guillaume may be a lover but he’s anything but filthy. He may honestly be the sweetest character Christina Lauren have written yet and I was a huge fan of Beautiful Player’s sweetheart Will.

I’m telling you. You will want your own Ansel.

When Mia and her best friends Lola and Marlow head to Vegas to celebrate their graduation from college, one wild night on the strip — and one serious across the room, lock eyes moment with gorgeous Ansel —  and Mia’s life as she knows it has forever changed. A life already filled with a lot of drama (she has a crushing back story) and uncertainty (overly neurotic father figure who think he knows best.)

After the craziest night of their lives (and the greatest sex of her life) Mia against all better judgement (and her parent’s wishes) joins Ansel when he returns to Paris for the summer.

Yup. You heard me. American Girl meets French boy in Vegas. American Girl has most epic night of her life in Vegas with French boy.

French Boy buys American Girl plane ticket and American Girl moves to Paris for the summer with French Boy and drinks a lot of wine and eats a lot of baguettes and has a lot of sex. 

You see — this is what REAL fairy tales are built upon you guys.

Of course, up and moving to Paris for the summer has its perks but Mia struggles as things with Ansel don’t go as planned: just out of law school, Ansel’s demanding job at his first law firm keeps him at work and away from Mia more than she would like. While the sex was great under the influence of alcohol and Vegas, a rough start on their travels to France make things anything but awkward in the voulez-vous-couchez-avec-moi department once they settle-in. As a result, Mia feels alone, sexually frustrated, and drowns her sorrows by eating a lot of chocolate croissants.

I can only feel so sorry for her for so long before I remind myself that she’s in Paris and things could be much worse.

tumblr_n2wel1mDIu1rmum4ro1_500I cannot find anything wrong with this and I can’t wait to do this in September.

While it’s one thing to have a night of wild fun in Vegas — take this from a girl who once lived there — it’s their masquerade adventures in an attempt to spice things up when they return to Paris that really get hot and generate all the feels between Mia and Ansel.

Of course, the entire summer is leading up to the ultimate flaw in the universal plan: Mia’s return to stateside to attend grad school in Boston in August. Does she choose to stay in Paris? Does Ansel follow her back to Boston?

Do these two ridiculously perfect characters fall in love?

You will just have to read to find out.

AND if you needed ANY further convincing, here’s three reasons why you need to read this book:

1. Ansel’s Parisian French. Growing up in Eastern Canada, I’ve dated enough French men to know that everything related to sex and love just sounds way better in French. Every word that leaves Ansel’s tongue (French or English) is sheer perfection.

2. It’s Steamy. So SteamyIt’s summer. You need the perfect beach read and this is it. There’s absolutely no better book.

3. The Paris Backdrop. Maybe I’m extremely biased, heading to Paris and all in September. But if you’ve ever visited Paris or ever wanted to visit Paris — this book will likely be the motivator you need to book a trip. I literally noted ALL of the locations mentioned in it and plan on hitting them all during my visit. There’s a great love story. And then there’s a great love story in Paris. 

So. You know what you now must do. Go buy this book, read it by the pool, on the beach, on a patio. I highly recommend some wine or macarons. And then come back here and tell me ALL your thoughts.

Until then, Happy Weekend! I hope the sun is shinning where you are today!


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