The C List – Summer Is That You? Edition

One might say that one of the many benefits to living on the East Coast of Canada, is that we get to celebrate all four seasons.

Let me tell you – in this East Coaster’s eyes – aside from summer, they are all overrated.

Warmer climate envy. I have it right up there with big city skyline envy.

So tonight, it was a particularly beautiful evening for patio drinks, an awesome run with nature, and the perfect night to curl up and finish a book on the patio. It was also the perfect night to sit down and write this week’s The C List.

With a sunny and warm forecast for the rest of the weekend – I share this week’s the C List – the Summer Is That You? Edition with a ton of optimism for an awesome weekend ahead.

the_C_list_may22Here are my favourite links from this week!

1. The one book every hopeless romantic must read this summer (via GoodReads) Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren. I finished this tonight, so there will be a review to follow in the next week. Christina Lauren are two of my favourite authors out there right now and this book was the perfect read. Especially with an upcoming Paris trip. I promise: if you love an epic romance and sex — this is the book you need to tuck into your beach bag this summer.

2. For the Foodies and Instagramers (via Refinery 29) 20 New Instagram Food Memes – Are You Guilty? I’m so guilty. 

3. Calling all fans of Robert Pattinson (via Hollywood Reporter) You’re Welcome.

4. Lana Del Rey’s newest single (via Youtube) Shades of Cool follows West Coast with sheer Lana Del Rey perfection. This summer’s soundtrack requires a haunting Lana song or two.

Alright friends. Have an AMAZING weekend.

x C x

A/N : Coming this week (fingers crossed) my review of Sweet Filthy Boy (because it’s SO DAMN GOOD) and the first of many Vancouver posts. I swear. 

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