The C List – the TFIF Edition

Last week – Kate and I failed to bring you an appropriate C List.

I mean, can you blame us? Reunited after three years — there was wine to drink, stories to tell, and well — a very important old Graham Norton episode to watch together. #tiptoes

BUT back from the West Coast (and extremely sad about it — send emergency Ben&Jerry’s please) I am back with The C List and on account of the jet lag and need for sleep — it’s definitely a TFIF Edition: thank f@ck it’s Friday. 

the_C_list_may22 photo credit: Kate, because she just takes the best photos to capture the moment

Because I spent Monday having the time of my life, Tuesday on a plane, and Wednesday/Thursday catching up at work and sleeping #jetlag — I don’t have an abundance of links to share — that said, if a new show to binge watch, a new Ellie Goulding song to obsess/cry over, wanderlust, or a goat in a wheelchair is your thing: coming right up!

1. A Goat in a Wheelchair (via Mashable) Mark my words: this will hit you right in the feels.

2. Explosions by Ellie Goulding (via Youtube) I’m not a massive Ellie fan but I haven’t stopped listening to this song since I discovered it last week. It’s hauntingly beautiful and perfect for in the car, at work, on a run, or questioning the universe.

3. Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Blog (via One of my dearest friends from university, Megan, is currently spending 77 days travelling through Europe. If wanderlust is your thing, her blog is a must.

4. BBC’s “The Fall” (via however you want to legally or illegally download it but trailer here) Not going to lie – I initially wanted to watch this because of Jamie Dornan. I then discovered, it is one of the creepiest psychological serial killer thrillers I’ve watched on TV in a long time. Bonus: Irish men and one ridiculously bad ass Gillian Anderson post-X-Files. There’s only one season. It’s 5 episodes. 5 hours of your life you will not regret binge watching this thriller.

And that’s all from me because I need to go watch more of the Fall.

Happy Weekend!

x C x

A/N: I have a TON of awesome Vancouver / West Coast posts set to come in the next few weeks – stay tuned! I’m super excited to get started on them. xx

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